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Lakeside Hotel, take you to see a city and a half-city lake hotel traffic is very convenient, self-driving guests can reach the Qiandao Lake central business district in five minutes, opposite the Qiandao Lake Central Lake District tourist dock. The hotel is surrounded by mountains and waters, and you can enjoy the beautiful lake view of Qiandao Lake in your room. The lobby is full of atmosphere, and the elegant and mellow wood tones are the heart of the big-name hotel. It adopts the classic high-rise wooden beam vault in Chinese architecture, classical but stylish, luxurious but not exaggerated, everything is just right. After entering the room, the light is bright and the lighting is as bright as natural lighting. The bedroom area and the leisure area are subtly separated by a step, and the visual extension of the space makes the room more spacious. The hotel uses mattresses from the British royal family, Slim Bailan, and pure natural latex pillows for the Thai royal family to ensure a deep sleep every night. The sanitation area has achieved a very advanced three-separation. It can also enjoy the lake and the mountains outside the window while bathing. The bathing supplies are the high-end bathing brand of L.Donden, the favorite of Big Brother Leslie Cheung. The public areas have beautiful walks, built around the lake, and are inseparable from the lake. The hotel has two outdoor and indoor swimming pools. The two-story swimming pool is high and low, and the large outdoor swimming pool is rare in East China. The hotels recreational facilities are enriched with a building that includes a childrens playground, a video game town, a pottery hall, and a 3d cinema. It is especially suitable for kids to come and go crazy all weekend.
Shirley Zhu
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