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Chengdu B&B Recommended | Super beautiful Road Qingcheng Hotel July in the summer, sitting on the gauze platform during the day to watch the dialogue between the clear sky and the mountains; In the evening The hot springs in the mountains enjoy the fascinating night light with distant lights and stars; sleep into a homestay like a study, it is the "LuzhiQingcheng Boutique Hotel". Environment: In order to preserve the original building of the previous house and preserve the style of the original village, there is no second-floor house built on the road. It has only one floor. It is really one home, one hospital. . There are only 10 rooms in the mountain road, and each room is an independent yard, which is dependent on each other. Every corner of the homestay has been carefully managed, paved with fine stones and planted with plants.
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[Recommended for an hour's small treasures around Chengdu] An hour's drive from Chengdu, at the foot of Wugen Mountain in the northwest of Chongzhou, there is a green bamboo forest, a vegetable bowl filled with fruits and vegetables, and The western Sichuan folk houses scattered in the forest. The unique geographical advantage makes the Chongzhou Da Ming Bamboo Art Village, where the intangible cultural heritage of China is located, stand out! Please follow the path of a core and Xiaoqiang into this "poetic dwelling"! [] When we drove into the bamboo path, the fresh air swayed with the wind in the mountains, and the mysterious building infused with an infinity symbol Slowly opened the door. Step into the room, with the blue sky and corrugated down as the background, two different styles of the atrium, into the calm pond, frame the silent pine trees, listen to the water in the rain, watch the scenery in the clear, the beauty of design here Interpreted to the fullest. : Bamboo visits and meals need to be booked in advance, the exquisite set is very eye-opening, and the taste is higher than expected. After tea break, in the far-reaching space, make a pot of tea, Guqin pen ink, bamboo forest insects, all eyes are poetic! [] After the courthouse, the ordinary lanes are strange, spend half a day to walk around, everywhere are people who understand life, all the way to surprise! 1The small courtyard of the small courtyard green brick gray tile is wrapped in the lush green plants, the flowers in full bloom, the art is elegant and elegant; here is the study of making traditional Chinese medicine sachets and flower embroidery. Classroom for life aesthetics. 2Three Paths College This typical West Sichuan residential atrium, the old things and the old house outline the old time. In the spacious bookstore, many windows cleverly reflect the outdoor bamboo forest into the room, and the time passes slowly between the lines. The most literary bookstore is right! 3Bamboo craft experience Bamboo Village is home to a number of non-genetic masters, where you can not only visit the Bamboo Museum for free, but also experience bamboo crafts. The bamboo practice that is as short as one hour, and the bamboo experience course that lasts for three or five days can be experienced in the non-legacy city and Dingzhizhu! 4 The pastoral scenery is fresh The idyllic scenery near Zhuyi Village is also a rare sight in the city. Slow-paced country life is a city that is hard to find and peaceful. Bamboo is a good place to travel around Chengdu. Sincerely recommend it! [About accommodation] Buli backyard, there are several separate rooms, full of design and privacy. There are also returning homes around Zhuli, high-shore youth brigades, and various farmhouses. Address: Longhuang Village, Chongqing Road, Daoming Town, Chongzhou City, Chengdu. Transportation: Zhuyi Village is 80 kilometers away from Chengdu, an hour's drive. Practical tips: 1. Dao Ming Zhu Li is an appointment tour system, which greatly guarantees the comfort of the tour. The consumption of tea and meals is around 100-200. 2. The bamboo courses in Zhuyi Village generally need to be booked in advance, and there is also a simple experience to follow the school. 3. There are more mosquitoes in summer, and the temperature difference between the mountains, autumn and winter is good, so please prepare your clothes. 4. Bamboo Art Village has a trail leading to Wugen Mountain, which is ideal for short walks on weekends.
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Go to Qingcheng Mountain, don't miss it again--a thousand-year-old ancient temple hidden in the back mountain Many people only go to Qingcheng Mountain, but I dont know that there is such a small crowd in the mountains and forests behind Qingcheng. The secret world - Guangyan Temple. It is located in the deepest part of Fengqi Mountain, clean and quaint. It is hidden in a dense forest, surrounded by mountains, lush forests, little people know, plus the blessing of a Buddhist temple, making every detail here look All Zen is infinite. In fact, Guangyan Temple is very famous, and it is within the details of 108 scenes in Qingcheng Mountain. It is also known as the "Ancient Temple". It was built in the Jin Dynasty. The Emperor of Jinwen gave the Qingcheng 36 miles. The ancient temple is the largest temple of its kind, formerly known as Changle. When Tang Wuzong was destroyed, Tang Yizong Xiantong five years (AD 864) was reconstructed by the monk and thought, and renamed Changle Temple. In the Song Dynasty, the name Cuiwei Temple. During the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, in order to avoid the word "le", the tribute to the king Zhu Xi played the name of the temple "Guangyan Temple", so it was called Guangyan Temple. tips: Guangyan Temple is located on Fengqi Mountain. The navigation can be directly located. It is very close to Jiezi Ancient Town and can be planned to play together. Guangyan Temple does not charge tickets, but each person will charge a cleaning fee of 2 yuan. You can drive into the temple by car. The parking fee is 10 yuan/car.
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