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추천 트립 모먼트
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It is hard to imagine how a historic town with a long history may be as dazzling as it is, but so low-key and restrained, which is the charm of this romantic town. Whenever you come here, you can return to your home and quietly enjoy the time away from you. Adhering to the name of the millennium salt capital, it is like a hidden paradise. When you mention Ning Factory, you have to say the salt industry here. People's impressions, the salt industry is in the Ning factory, like the bells in the Hanshan Temple, the Egret in the Cisse Mountain, is the feeling of the Wuba people lingering from the urine. This small town with a history of four thousand years of salt has the reputation of "the ancient salt of Wuxian, the ancient salt capital". Some people say that this is the earliest salt capital in the world, the originator of the hand workshop, the literati said that this is regardless of the present day. The thick nostalgia. Located in the Shandong section of the bus, the ancient town of Ningchang, which is bordered by the three provinces of Shaanxi and Hubei, is an early salt-making land in the history of China and the birthplace of the Ba-Chu culture. The slowly flowing rivers of the Houxi River are filled with the ancient towns passing by. The ancient buildings in the town are mostly stone-wood structures, and several blue-stone paths that turn around and turn each other in series. This is a big town in the north of Wuxi County. It is not far from the county. It is somewhat sorrowful to say that in order to avoid the world, it is not necessarily found here to find historical traces. However, compared to the bustling city, it is already elegant and elegant. Going here is not a problem anyway, but the car is in the mountains, accompanied by water, but it is still very exciting and period
Adam Yue
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