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트립 모먼트

충밍구,추천 트립 모먼트
랑카위 맹그로브
Every family will give their children an education fund, which is an attitude of responsibility for the child's future. Most people will give money to privately run educational institutions. But I feel that if I can use this money, send the children to pure nature, confirm the knowledge that has been described in the cartoons in the storybook, and cultivate his interest in the world, although not for the vain of parents' love. The heart increases the odds, but maybe he can become a funny person when he grows up and live happily.
Relative to other Southeast Asian islands, Langkawi is economical cheap and diverse, with a large number of Chinese living on the island, which allows us to fear language and diet, which is really for our Chinese family. Designed for a comfortable mode of parent-child travel.
So, what is Langkawi going to play for the kids?

Langkawi Consists of 99 islands with major tourist spots on one large island and eight medium-sized islands.
The most suitable activity for children is a mangrove tour:
After taking a boat from the pier in the morning, first explore the bats in the Karst cave and then feed the Langkawi macaques along the banks of the mangrove forest. At noon, the fish platoons will be docked, and fishermen will take their children to know the puffer fish, cute squid, fierce scorpion and other marine life. They are all creatures once mentioned in the Submarine Column. After lunch, I had lunch in the fish ribs, went to the white sand beach in the afternoon, watched the group of yellow-tailed hawksbills on the coral reefs of the island of Dangli, and then returned to the mangrove river to observe the white-bellied eagle foraging. The
stroke is compact and can interact with many animals.
JOJO’s wonderful trip
충밍구,추천 트립 모먼트
People often say: "The big faintness is hidden in the city, and the small faintness is hidden in the wild." West Lake has always had the wisdom and transcendentality of the hidden people. It is in the middle of the city, there is no deliberate concealment, no deliberate attraction, you come or not come It is all over the world, far from the mountains, and near the water.

Its also a coincidence that every time I go to Hangzhou, its raining, and the continuous Jiangnan rain will decorate the West Lake like a fairyland.

said that when it rains, it is better to sleep, that kind of coziness, think about it is a kind of enjoyment, and I still chose to go to the West Lake to find a peace of mind.

Lei Feng Tower, a majestic tower, a famous tower in China and abroad, a tower with a moving legend, it has become the symbol of Hangzhou like the West Lake, no matter when you come, it is quiet Standing between the green mountains and the green waters, the earth occupies the vision of people far and wide. Step by step along the spiraling ladder to the top of the tower, I saw the ink and wash in the mountains and rivers, that touches the green, the charming mood.

At this moment, I would like to turn into an elf dancing over the West Lake. I will swim between the heavens and the earth, embrace the lake, accompany the tower, and leave.

I will be happy when I first see it. I will trace every corner here. I am afraid that the time is too blunt and will wear away my memory. For me, it is like a home, a place for all tired hearts. In the morning, strolling in the greenery and scent, condense the graceful feelings in front of the scene; the night and the West Zibi water question and answer, all the unsolvable sorrows are put into the lake, try to get rid of a dust, leisurely seclusion in the West Lake!
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