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The provincial-level cultural relics protection unit of Hunan Province is located in the middle section of Yuhou Street in the south of Chenzhou City. In 2010, Yuhou Street was preserved as one of the most important remains of Yuhou Street. This magical ancient well is made of long strips of stone, with a rectangular shape, long Zhang Yu (3 meters), width eight or nine feet (2.8 meters), and a depth of one foot (2 meters). The well water is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the water quality is particularly pure. It can be seen that there is a huge stone lying in the well, and a layer of mossy water grass is attached to the body. It resembles a big rhinoceros with a healthy body and a heavy body, and sinks in the water. Legend has it that in ancient times, Shennong brought nine rhinoceros to Cangzhou, which made the place of Zhangzhou a good weather and a long life. However, the good times did not last long. I did not know where to come from a sinister dragon and brought the plague to Zhangzhou. In order to defeat the dragon, the nine rhinos fought with it for nine days and nine nights. In the end, the dragon was defeated, and the eight rhinos drove the dragon out of Zhangzhou and went to the East China Sea. There is also a rhinoceros, which fell into the well of the spring and fell into the boulder of the bottom of the well because of the fall of the foot in the battle. From then on, the well was called "Rhino." Unlike many ancient wells in the city, the rhinoceros well did not lose its brilliance because of the years. Although the tap water is now very convenient, the surrounding residents have retained the habit of taking water from the ancient well.
작성일: 2018년 12월 25일
When I arrived in Hunan, I would definitely like to taste the local Hunan cuisine. As one of the eight famous Chinese cuisines, Hunan cuisine has attracted countless people to come here. Today, the dean chose the only five-star hotel in Ganzhou, the Wyndham Grand Plaza Hotel in Zhangzhou, mainly for the sake of eating here. First of all, there is no need to say more about the environment here. A five-star hotel, whether it is a service or the overall environment of the hotel, is very famous in the local area. On the other hand, it is definitely attracted by the food here. When you walk into the hotel and open the review software, almost all the top ranked restaurants in the vicinity are concentrated in the Wyndham Hotel. It includes a Chinese restaurant in Dongyu Fishing House, which is featured in Hunan's local specialties. If you really can't get used to Hunan cuisine, there is also a very authentic Japanese and Korean restaurant - Matsuya, and a full-fledged Western restaurant - Haoting Cafe, which can definitely meet your taste buds. And in addition to the food, we return to the experience of the stay itself, the overall design of the room is mostly biased towards business style, the large-scale golden yellow looks very luxurious and graded. From the comfort of the bed, to the overall temperature of the room, and the overall experience of the bath, Wyndham has all achieved a five-star standard. At the same time, the hotel's overall facilities are also extremely complete, including swimming pools, gyms, etc., and the overall level of gyms and swimming pools in the city can be ranked in the forefront.
작성일: 2019년 1월 4일
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