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I heard that Chuanmeizi opened the same pink cafe in Changsha. How could a girl like me not go? Rainbow cake is delicious, dessert is better than bonbon, but because there are more people, the bubble pool is more stinky... I want to go because of the rainbow cake, but I dont want to enter the bubble pool again. It is......... Photographing is very worthwhile to take. Every small corner is very suitable for taking pictures. There are also many seats where you can see Xiangjiang and see the head of Orange Island. It is a good place for a weekend afternoon tea with girlfriends. Juice is good, but it is slightly expensive. After all, everyone is taking pictures ~ : Rainbow cake, super delicious, the focus is also good-looking ~ Address: Changsha Chaozong Yuyuan 4207 Business hours: 11
작성일: 2018년 11월 28일
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Opened in July this year, Changsha Zhongjian Courtyard is the first Courtyard in Changsha and the first Marriott hotel in Changsha. It is located in the south of Changsha, about half an hour's drive from downtown Wuyi Square. The larger commercial body should be De Siqin, and it will take less than 10 minutes to walk. This is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Friends come to Changsha to play, on the one hand, as a place to accompany, on the other hand, just to relax. Less than a week in advance, less than 500 after tax Although this time a friend chose to stay in Courtyard, but I have lived twice before. The lobby is not really big, but the concierge work is done in place. I lived in the mortuary, but because the friends stayed in the executive room, they also had the opportunity to directly compare. Because there are more people in this CI, when the number of people is relatively small, the staff will send you to the elevator to send you to the elevator. This time I told the front desk that I had to rely on the main road and I could see the street view below, but the only thing is that there will be a little drying. Then I think the design is not so good is the table by the window. It is fine when I am staying, but the soft sofa is not very comfortable when I sit for a long time. If two people stay, they can only find it. The front desk asked them to send a chair to to say more, the size of the boudoir is 35 flat, and the area of the executive room is 35 flat...The two sides ran down and felt that from the perspective of the room type, in fact The difference between the two is not big. And friends prefer my street view room hahahaha.
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After the meal, the waiter will give you a tableware and pay attention to the tableware is the German WMF. # meal package# is now baked, and it is still hot. Its just that the bread is too good for children to eat. My nieces teeth are still not fully developed and cant be bitten. Haha is also very cute. #Organic garden salad with fresh fruit before the main meal# The salad is very idyllic but the plate is too simple. Although the color is bright, the fruit is fresh but the strawberry is really sour. ## Really appetizing, sour and sweet mouth is really my favorite. Before the Chinese restaurant saw Mike doing this soup, I thought about going to Thailand to try it. I thought it was not very good, but after I tried it, I felt that the soup taste was really strong and authentic. # creamy mushroom soup # is prepared in advance in the pot, when the end comes up, there are a few small mushrooms on the plate, and then serve to pour the soup inside. This taste is really average. However, I recommended # Angus West Cold Steak #Restaurant's main, it is said that the Australian grain feed for 150 days, I have no feeling, my daughter is quite like it. #Roasted organic chicken breast #The menu was completely ignored before this dish, but the prostitute liked it. But she didn't like to eat it, I fell in love with it. The black pepper on the chicken is topped with orange sauce, and the novelty is surprisingly good. #New York-style cheesecake# Dessert is the heart of every girl, and the girl like me and my niece is so tender and tender girl, of course, one end up and start. The plate is very delicate, but the fruit is really sour, it is estimated to be the same as the garden salad.
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