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창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Chengdu Chunxi Road Net Red B&B, take a photo of where you are going to h

Wuyi Handmade Art B&B, Chengdu City Center has a unique style, you can see the panda's homestay outside the window, industrial design style, floor-to-ceiling windows, must go!

The location is really great. The younger brothers and sisters are just a few minutes walk from the subway under Chunxi Road. It is quite convenient~

The overall style of the hotel is very personal. Purely hand-designed, every detail is impeccable, and it is very hard to see.

Bath window view is the panda climbing the wall. On the hot days, others are lining up the queue and pandas and you are lying in the bathtub and taking a bath with the panda. Is it very good!

The bathing liquid for bathing is MUJI, it is very fragrant and very lubricated, plus a small bathtub on the white stone by the window, both for film and enjoyment.

The wall on the side (facing the bed) has a 120-inch projector, voice-activated, and watch a movie while eating snacks at night.

Bedding: It's just too comfortable, fried chicken is soft, you don't want to get up when you lie down, and the four-piece set is MUJI, quality assurance!

Washing table: There is a halo around the large round mirror. It is very nice to see. The wall of the bathroom is cement. The design is unique. The washing table can be said to be the most filmed here.

The room has two floor-to-ceiling windows, the view is very wide, and the people living in it will be better.
Get up at night and look at the night scene of Chunxi Road outside the window. During the day, stretching against the sun, the best time is this.

Transportation: Chengdu Metro Line 2 Line 3 Chunxi Road Station, walk 200 meters to arrive.

Nearby facilities: Convenience store downstairs, the international financial center is very resistant to shopping, Taikoo is just a few hundred meters away, sitting in the most prosperous section of Chengdu.

Location: Chengdu Chunxi Road No.1 City

Price: Price 600+, dynamic price adjustment, early order may be cheaper.
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Beidaihe Anaya Net Red B&B - lived in the 1960s house on the beach

weekend is too stuffy, want to go out for a holiday near Beijing. Going to Beidaihe for two hours and boarding the car to Anaya, the sea breeze and the holiday will follow.

Ana is a popular destination for the last two years, the Anaya Auditorium and the Lonely Library, known as the most popular spots on the park. We also chose to live in the Anaya Park, but this time we did not choose a hotel. We booked a set of nostalgic rooms on the Ai BeachFlower Years 1960 theme at Beidaihe Anaya Star B&B. The room is a large loft with three bedrooms, one living room and two bathrooms, three bedrooms with open kitchen and two bathrooms. The high height and high space, the bright balcony is filled with the rich old Shanghai atmosphere, the old-fashioned phonographs streaming music; the walls Zhang Ailing and the posters of the theme of "The Rings of the Rings"; the old Shanghai advertising poster on the wall and the old Shanghai map set in the frame; the corner sofas, the various classic cars, cameras, cameras on the shelves The retro style of the iron sheet makes it impossible for girls to stop.

Such a room, every place has a special taste, my girlfriend and I specially chose to wear cheongsam and use the shutter to freeze these pictures. In the open kitchen with dining table and large bouquets of flowers, come to our fruit time, blue refrigerator and microwave, drum washing machine, kitchen utensils are also very suitable for family trips, cooking.
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Chloe Yin
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Min Hua Emily
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Guangzhou|Liantang Impression Resort

(tram) RV, camping and barbecue are the eternal theme of the holiday. No need for a long way, just more than 40 kilometers from downtown Guangzhou, Zengcheng Impression Resort in Zengcheng District Can meet your requirements!
(Star) is located in Liantang Spring Scenic Area, Liantang Village, Zengcheng District, Zengcheng District. As its name is, it is spring all year round. The quaint village, the green lotus pond, a large green bamboo forest on the riverside, surrounds the bicycle greenway of the entire village scenic spot, where you can enjoy the quiet rural scenery and the scenery of Zengjiang Gallery while leisurely stepping on the bicycle.
The Liantang Impression Eco-tourism Resort, which we stayed in, is located in the scenic area and covers a large area. It offers a variety of special accommodations including RV, dock, water wooden house and container hotel. There are about 6-7 cars in the resort area, and only the RV camp area allows open fire barbecue, so if it is not for barbecue, the dock on the scenic lake is quite unique. Open the door on the lake. Fishing.
RV interior space is quite spacious, the price is about 700 yuan / night, the facilities are complete, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc., in addition to the double bed there is a high and low bed, if you take the children to play, it should Is the best choice, RV camping is definitely a favorite of children!
(meat) barbecue ingredients and equipment can be carried by yourself, or you can buy and rent from the resort's restaurant. The price of a full barbecue equipment for a full day is about 150 yuan (as long as the grill, grilled net and charcoal are 100 yuan)
(raining) When we went, we caught up with the rain, barbecue, beer, and after we had enough to eat, listened to the sound of the rain and slammed on the roof of the car, and gradually fell asleep, but when it was clear, the sky was clear. A little bit of starlight, or it will be more romantic and cozy!
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Beijing B&B|The hidden monument of the valley in the suburbs of Beijing
early autumn is also the most comfortable time in Beijing. Every year, at this time, I will take my family to the Beijing suburbs to live a day in the world. There are no fewer than 10, because I saw the "love of the daughters" planting grass here, there are 20+ small courtyards in the homestay, and each small courtyard has its own characteristics. There are no repeating elements, it can accommodate 8-18 people, per capita. 200-300 or so, very cost-effective, especially suitable for family gatherings, company group building, friends gathering, family vacation and other large groups to stay and play
I chose a room type similar to the Spanish Monument Valley, the name of the small courtyard is called Nest, the whole courtyard is an irregular geometric shape, wraparound kitchen, dining room, living room, glass floor-to-ceiling windows are separated from the small courtyard, and the lighting is excellent. The small yard has children's favorite trampoline. Drill in, pull out a sweat and do not stop
nest a total of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, one floor one bedroom can accommodate 5 person, two floors a 2 person room, a 3 The room, don't worry about the winter is very cold, the nest is the central air-conditioning control heating and cooling, the door is very warm, but if you want to go out to play the trampoline, you still need to add some clothes
dinner, then our own ingredients are ready to eat hot pot, reservation After the housekeeper will give us tips for staying in the kitchen, the pots and pans in the kitchen are all available, shabu-shabu, induction cooker, barbecue grills, if there are many people, the grilled hot pot will come together, no problem, DIY own delicious food In the night sky, the wine is happy. In the morning, the small courtyard will give breakfast to the room, oil cake, buns, porridge, soy milk, side dishes and other authentic farm food. It is very intimate
there are many scenic spots to play around, wild duck lake, Yudu Mountain, Baili Landscape Gallery, Longqing Gorge, Badaling Great Wall, Guyaju Scenic Area, etc., good choice for autumn red leaves
Address: Houlonglongmiao Village, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District, Beijing
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Beijing B&B | Beijing Suburb Homestay

is busy in the city, and wants to make a short escape from time to time. The Great Hidden World, Banshan Muxi Small Courtyard in Madaotun Village, Ouhai Town, Huairou District. The elegant small courtyard plus the scenic spot for a relaxing holiday is perfect.

The rooms are simple and elegant, and the flowers and plants are everywhere. White plus logs create the most classic design, no matter the wall or bedding, the color is simple and capable, each small detail interprets the concept of the trend is easy to pass, the style is forever. The faint purple bedding in the room exudes the smell of the sun, and it feels soft and reassuring, so that the uneasiness of the guest who is away from home has long since disappeared.

Open kitchen with the same internal supplies, up to double oven cooker, range hood, wok, steamer, soup pot, induction cooker, grill, small to salt, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, raw Pumping, chicken and so on.

Location: No. 61, Madaoyu Village, Menghai Town, Huairou District, Beijing.
Transportation: Bus: Take the 916 Express from Beijing Dongzhimen Hub Station to Huairou North Street, and take the h50 Road Madaotun Station and get off at 800 meters.
Self-driving route: Map search "Large in the world, half-mountain wood".

Facilities: There are tea tables, terraces and barbecue terraces in the courtyard. There are 4 rooms in the Mid-Levels, 2 double bed rooms + 2 tatami rooms (4 people per room), which can accommodate 12 people at the same time. Living, each room has a separate toilet.

Price: the whole member price (can live 12 people) 2999-4999 yuan / night, (per capita: 240-410 / night) holiday prices rise, based on the actual price, not light The price in the peak season is poor. All year round (January 1st - December 31st) Friday, Saturday: 4999 yuan / night; Sunday to Thursday 2999 yuan / night; even live offers: 2 days and above for a discount, even 2 Enjoy a 10% discount for the evening and a 20% discount for 3 nights.

Food: The bed and breakfast is free of charge. Come to the small courtyard. You can also bring some fresh ingredients locally or locally. Use the kitchen in the yard, barbecue pits and other utensils to DIY your own snacks. Specialities such as chestnut banquet, special grilled fish, and full feast can also be tasted.

Nearby attractions: Hongluo Temple, Qinglong Gorge, Mutianyu Great Wall, Huaxi Lavender Manor. ##
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