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트립 모먼트

창사,추천 트립 모먼트
The Forbidden City tour full Raiders! Eat and drink and watch an article is enough
fast into the palace
please choose Donghuamen! Then take the shuttle bus or walk to the Wumen Gate and pass the security check into the Forbidden City. Can save 1 hour!
When the traffic volume is the lowest
The time for the admission of the Forbidden City from April 1 to October 31 is 16 o'clock, which means that after 4 pm, there is basically no tour group entering the Forbidden City, 4 o'clock. After half of the first three halls, there is nothing wrong with it!
The Palace Museum attracts cats
The Forbidden City has more than 100 registered royal cats. Some of these palace cats are descendants of the former imperial cats. Some of them are later sneaked into the palace, which is definitely another in the palace. A landscape.

You can eat and rest here. The hail menu menu is full of palace style, buddha cake, small velvet chicken, shou peach, jujube cake, sesame cake and other former royal specialties are now very close to the people / ~
can not miss the exhibition
the Palace will Various exhibitions and cultural exchanges are held at various venues from time to time. The recommendation is a high-tech interactive art show "Qingming Shanghe Map 3.0" "Immersive Interaction" theater, the exhibition is particularly hot! Need to grab the ticket at the official website of the National Palace Museum in advance! Make an appointment three days in advance!
Classic route

Kunning Palace

Changchun Palace
Taiji Hall
Fangxian Hall

Sweet recommendation
bean juice, bean noodles, sour plum soup, tea soup, small nest, glutinous rice cake, candied fruit, Candied haws, aiwowo, pea yellow, smashing, enema, explosive belly, fried liver and so on.
You can eat more authentic old Beijing snacks in Qianmen, Wangfujing, Huguo Temple, Houhai and Niujie.
Food recommendation
Beijing roast duck
Now more popular is Dadong Roast Duck
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
Tongli: Everyone in the ancient town of Jiangnan, Xiu Xiu

In many ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, Tongli is my favorite, and I think it is the most worthwhile ancient town to buy tickets. Because there is a famous world cultural heritage retreat in it. If other water towns are Xiaojiabiyu, Tongli is everyone. According to "Tonglizhi", from the Song and Yuan Dynasties, it was Wuzhongzhong Town, because it only had a boat trip with the outside world, and it was rarely plagued by military chaos. Therefore, rich merchants and scholars came here to live in peace, culture and culture. Entering to make this water town more rich and heavy.

[Reaching method]
1. Suzhou Metro Line 4 goes straight to Tongli Station. After the subway, take the 725 bus and arrive at Tongli Ancient Town (Shipai Station) in 4 stops. You can also walk to the ancient town.
2. Suzhou Railway Station, South Bus Station - Tongli, 30 minutes.
3. Suzhou Tourism Distribution Center - Tongli, starting line.
[Must have fun spots]
"Ming and Qing Street" completely retains Jiangnan's unique street-to-street and down-street streets. The "Three Bridges" three bridges refer to Taiping Bridge, Geely Bridge and Changqing Bridge. The marriage and funeral of the ancients had to sail in this circle. It is also the soul of the water system in Tongli Ancient Town. The must-go attractions of "Retreat Garden"! Retreat to the Garden, built in the 11th to 13th year of the Guangxu Period of Qing Dynasty, is a red glimpse from the south of the corridor. In the retreat garden, the most popular is the most exciting. Retreat Garden gathers the length of the Qing Dynasty gardens, small and exquisite, light and elegant, pavilions and fun, and is a classic of Jiangnan classical gardens.
Yoki Huang
창사,추천 트립 모먼트
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