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[Shop name] Shrimp Xiaolong Sharon Shrimp Museum Wuyi Square can be said to be the most popular place in Changsha, not only the surrounding area has gathered a lot of places to eat, drink, and play, but also because there are double subways to make traffic become Very convenient. The location of the Shrimp Xiaolong Sharon Shrimp Museum is really great. From the Exit No. 7 of the Metro Wuyi Square Station, you can see the huge "crayfish" when you look up. It is difficult to miss it! /hc / [Dining environment] Sense of the age +Cosplay Changsha Railway Station not only has stop signs, locomotives, but also green leather cars are also moved into the spacious and warm lobby of the restaurant. From day to night, the popularity has been on the bar. The wide distance between the tables makes people feel comfortable, and the teeth are not afraid to affect the surrounding flowers and plants. And each box named after the famous landmarks in Changsha can accommodate about 15 people, whether it is friends gathering or business dinner. Easy and stress free. [Recommended dishes] Lobster big coffee platter / hc / lobster platter, although not a new thing, but once mixed oil, garlic, steamed, black pepper juice, old Changsha, Spicy six flavors that have both local characteristics and the mass base can only be eaten in Changsha! Domineering is a must, and each flavor is 2 pounds. The full shrimp looks good and feels happy. Full! Each crayfish has a large head and is super fresh and raw, so it is easy to peel off a whole whole shrimp!
Changsha, in my opinion, is a city with special magic. You can feel the fusion of the new wave and the old order, the mix of hormones and fireworks, and the ubiquitous city spirit of Lotte. etc. Seeing the eye-catching buildings consisting of Changsha City Library, Planning Museum, Museum, and Concert Hall, I will be here at the Intercontinental Hotel in Changsha. The Chinese often say that water is spiritual, and the Intercontinental Hotel in Changsha, located at the intersection of Liuyang River and Xiangjiang River, has the spirituality and majesty of two rivers. The balcony of the room has a huge curved river view balcony facing the Xiangjiang River. Standing on the top, Yuelu Mountain, Orange Island, Xiangjiang River, Liuyang River, and the Three Halls and One Hall... The sight can be used in this city. History, modern design and natural scenery all gather together. Especially switch to the night mode, the scene in front of you will exude enchanting brilliance. The hotel is connected to Changsha No. 3 Hall (Library, Museum, Planning Hall and Concert Hall) at zero distance. Museums, planning halls and libraries can be visited free of charge. There is still a library in Changsha. The 24-hour self-service library is perfect for my night owl. This hotel is also the most easy to hit the star in Changsha. There are so many entertainment programs in Hunan, and many of the stars in the announcement have chosen to live here. If you meet a star in the same elevator or restaurant, don't be surprised, it's normal.
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