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Changchun Jiyu Thai seafood hot pot, Auntie shrimp are stripped for you! The red-style seafood hot pot in Chengdu, which is not lined up in Chengdu, is also very hot in Changchun. The five-storey Wanda Plaza in the Hongqi Street business district is full of duty. The environment is full of Ins wind, flamingo and green plants are very tropical, the characteristics of the secret Tom Yum Kung pot bottom and the coconut milk pot bottom are very authentic, put the material in the pot, Tom Yum is very hot and spicy appetizing Very delicious. Signature of all kinds of fresh seafood, blue crabs, prawns are all alive and kick; abalone, scallops, oysters, scallops are also very sweet, just a glimpse, all delicious. The smiling aunt's aunt helped the cockroach to cut the shrimp, and the service was very good. Thai shrimp slices, bunny pudding, yogurt, the biggest feature is to give a variety of desserts, but also cats, cats are very cute and very beautiful, loved love. Address: 5th Floor, Wanda Plaza, Hongqi Street Per capita: 120RMB Recommended: Dongyin Gongping Bottom Coconut Shabu Bottom Seafood
작성일: 2019년 7월 26일
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