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China has a history of thousands of years since ancient times. Each period of history has experienced hardships or turbulence in its development, and the misfortunes and hardships in it are worthy of discussion. The Qing Dynasty was the last monarchy in Chinese history. It is world-famous in the Kangxi Shengshi, and it was defeated by Emperor Kangde. As the last emperor's funeral in history, his life is legendary and dramatic, and it is tragic and embarrassing. This time in Changchun, with the curiosity of Puyi, I walked into the Museum of the Puppet Manchurian Palace. Now I still have a complete palace. In addition to the Forbidden City in Beijing and Shenyang, it is the most mysterious of the Puppet Manchurian Palace. This residence lasted for 13 years. Pu Yi was enthroned at the age of three. He set off the fate of the entire dynasty in his childhood, but in a time of turmoil, it is doomed that the superior life in the Forbidden City in Beijing will not last long. . Pseudo-Manchu Palace Museum with Pu Yis third wife, Fuguiren Li Yuqin personally vaulted and guided the restoration of the courts original appearance. The complete display of the old site of Puyis life, the palace covers an area of about 250,000 square meters. The main palaces open to the outside world include Tongde Hall, Qixi Building and Qinmin Building. Tongdelou is mainly a palace where Puyi handles government affairs and entertainment. In order to make Puyi feel relieved, Japan has attached great importance to him, and let him think that he has the real power. He built this palace and maintained the emperors original blessing and nobleness. Face. It means "together with one heart and one mind." Then you can see all the entertainments of Puyi, the worship room, the waiting room, the movie hall, the Japanese assistant room, and the piano room.
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