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How can I not eat seafood when I come to Phuket! I will punch the card, and the Shangwei Thai restaurant will punch the card!
Phuket Island is an island country. I want the most famous food is seafood. It should be said that if you come to the island for a holiday, how can you not eat seafood? This Shangwei Thai restaurant personally feels that you are a good place to come to Phuket to eat seafood! The
restaurant is located in the Patong area. You must pay attention to it. Don't make a typo. Many people have labeled "Shang Tai Wei" as "Tai Tai Wei" and then went on. The result is tax exemption. The cafeteria of the store.
This "Shangtaiwei" has many branches in Thailand, so it should be considered relatively well. The one in Phuket is big, there are so many people, but it's not good. Make an appointment because the venue is big enough. But if you come to dinner or supper, you should pay attention, people will be more, so be sure to remember to come in advance.
Restaurant decoration is like the seafood stalls. I personally feel that this is a seafood food stall. I dont see the store name and the menu feel the same as the food stalls that I came to China. As you can see from the shop, they have some lobster and pimp shrimp in their pool. Have you seen the thick-skinned pimp shrimp? ! Feelings are all creatures that have been practicing for millennia~
Restaurant must be:
If you come to Thailand, you must eat seafood, in addition to the famous curry crab, you must be the lobster in this shop. You can pick it up at the door and let the restaurant send you a table. In short, lobster, curry crab, Tom Yum Kung soup, pineapple fried rice, salt and pepper prawns ... the same one! We have 10 individuals and ordered more than 10 dishes. The advantage of many people is that they can all be eaten!
The restaurant also has a lot of drinks. The people who watch the drinks are dazzling. Even if you only drink a little bit of taste in each cup, it feels like there are several cups of ~
right, this one The menu of the restaurant is only Thai and English. I don't know if there is a Chinese menu. I don't have to, but the little brother will order a little Chinese, and the communication will be fine~
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장춘,추천 트립 모먼트
Mew Detective Shop Singapore seafood that can be eaten within 100 yuan, cost-effective and super satisfied!

After dinner, I had dinner with my girlfriend. When she said that she wanted to eat seafood, I immediately thought of the Jumbo Seafood I had eaten before. The taste of his family has always impressed me deeply. Recently, the newly-launched Jumbo Seafood "Chef" is a cost-effective version of it, which is affordable to people, and is convenient for people who are conveniently located in the city.

Jumbo Seafood Kitchen gives me a small and extravagant atmosphere, and has a unique sense of ingenuity. The super-popular cuisine from Singapore can be eaten here, from the set to the taste. In my impression, their seafood has always been excellent, and this time there is no disappointment~
Recommended dishes
[lazy spicy crab] Although the crab is delicious, it is afraid to peel itself. This dish directly strips all the crab meat, especially for the lazy people like me and me, and the girls are afraid of eating greasy food when eating, this dish is really intimate! How cool is the big mouthful of crab meat~ A hundred yuan is not even a hundred yuan, it is a special conscience, with a matching fried steamed buns to pick the sauce crab meat, the crisp taste and rich sauce combined, integrated The spices of Indian and Malay dishes have a sweet and sour taste in the spicy food. The more you eat the more fragrant, the more you eat the more appetizing, it is the signature dish!
[] A small drink of soup is fresh, and its soup base is made out of shrimp. Its no wonder that its so mellow and mellow with a spoon. The shrimps come out and are cut into pieces. Small kale, pork belly, etc., make the rice taste especially rich. Also served with fried rice, parsley, sprinkle together to eat crispy delicious upgrade!
[Ziguo meat pine shrimp ball] is really a shrimp ball! Round and huge! They have already gone to the shell, and the meat is too full. The outer layer is full of fluffy pine and seaweed, and it tastes delicious and delicious. This dish has new meaning!
[Secret beef of the product] The color of the red sauce is so attractive, because the ingredients are selected from the finest Angus beef chops, so the meat is very tender, and the beef that I have eaten before. Its completely different, and the girlfriend said that its a perfect score!
[Frozen lemon juice steamed swimming dragon plaque] I thought that such a big fish can not be eaten by two people, I did not expect to be eaten by us, because it is too appetizing with a sweet and sour taste! I found that their soup was really good. I can feel that the chef has spent a lot of thoughts. The smooth and smooth fish is mixed with the frozen lemon juice and the freshness is just right. Even those who dont like fish will have a hard time. Resistant ~ seafood to eat here is definitely not worried about stepping on the mine ~

here [service] is very good, the speed of serving is very fast.
Store is also very generous, recently opened, so I also sent a membership card for free, there are 5 100 coupons, which is equal to eating a lazy spicy crab, do not want money to earn!
There is also a very hot net red salted egg yolk skin, such a dish as long as 8 yuan, want to pull the grass to go during the opening period, welfare more ~
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Shanghai|Imperial Building View Restaurant & Bar|The third store of the gourmet lounge series created by RYE&CO
MUSE Group
The The, the cannery after the Shanghai
This Huaihai Road city view is also worth Punch

From the first floor of Xintiandi to the sixth floor, this floor is a simple design with restaurant area and baking workshop
black brown, open kitchen, leisure Nordic dining chair
create Extremely warm restaurant environment
finishing black spiral staircase
from the stairs can go directly to the second floor, this floor for the restaurant bar area
one door to see the streamlined ceiling
this is 120,000 Multi-piece raw clam shells are created from the inside out
the terrace is surrounded by green trees and flowers. The three-five friends are excellent dating sites
modern fashion, invincible landscape, you will fall in love when you come. Place

Recommended punch points:
1- Rotating stairs
Every dreamy girl
Like a spiral of stairs to a large group, don't you try it?
2- Bar front area
excellent view, can take a restaurant modern stylish space
3 - terrace jungle
leisure style, a drink on the terrace, how pleasant
4- Cityscape
The most fashionable Huaihai Street
in the magical capital. Come and experience this experience without losing New York.

dishes are really good for me
recent lunches every day & Dinner does not eat carbon water
their dishes are really high protein & rich vegetables
very suitable for fitness

recommended dishes:
[Nordic classic snacks] / Hh/smoked salmon, green apple horseradish
bottom with skimmed sour milk, rye bread, healthy and delicious
carbon roasted seven points just right, gravy is delicious, meat is tender and fresh
[ Non-traditional meatballs]
rye classic recipe meatballs, gravy full of delicate
tomato sauce with bottom wheat, sweet and sour taste
[green feather clothing]
kale / spinach / apple / cucumber / west Celery
healthy people must point juice sugar-free delicious like

alcohol lovers welfare:
daily have Happy hour, 18
장춘,추천 트립 모먼트
New American food collection in the business circle of Xiamen Wanxiang City, fresh must-have order guide

diet is always associated with culture, sometimes the purpose of entering a restaurant is not necessarily a meal, A glass of wine, perhaps a bit of dopamine in your heart needs to be met...

1 grilled salmon vegetable salad
hidden mystery before a pre-meal appetizer, with a reasonable mix of vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, Buckwheat is the most surprising mass. Open the bottom lettuce lettuce, the sweet and sour taste of the vinegar, the taste buds are instantly opened.
2Mom's bolognese noodles
originally thought it would be very greasy to eat, but the goose did not! The pasta is usually rolled up with a fork. This pasta is eaten by me, and the taste of the meat sauce is so fragrant! The noodle is very chewy, this is promoted to the favorite noodle no.1 of fresh Zhijia. Hot friends can try "spicy seafood noodles".
3Spanish seafood cheese risotto
through thick glutinous cheese, the most original rice fragrant will first greet your sense of smell, with the savory taste of the mouth of the mouth and the seafood flavor of salty, The fresh shrimps dotted in it are just right.
4 ruby pomegranate pure juice
restaurant signature drinks, from Tunisia's "soft gems", with red crystal clear golden autumn red pomegranate juice, it is recommended to drink as soon as possible after serving to maintain the freshest taste Yo.

: : Hh/
About the taste
In order to let the original beef quality rooted in the taste buds of the diners unreservedly, the grain of the fresh Zhijia, the cold, the cowboy bone, the standard of the restaurant will use 4~5 If you don't like the taste of the sandwich, you can tell the little brother with the western cowboy hat in the store.

Restaurant environment
Food knock-out depth to participate in the fusion space of urban white-collar blue-collar life, from decoration style, murals, tableware, to the music played in the store, tell the diners here, this is a What kind of restaurant. The design of the space makes the knife and fork that fall on the large pork ribs poetic.

Per capita: 95rmb
Location: 4F
, Wanxiang City, No. 99, Hubin East Road, Siming District, Xiamen City: Hubin East Road Subway Station, Interactive Bus Station, BRT train station
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Mew Detective ShopFresh Little Green Dragon 3 kinds of delicious way to eat, authentic Japanese style end-burning

Japanese barbecue has eaten a lot, and the authentic delicious oven-baked restaurant is rare. I was planted by my friend, this high-end restaurant, located in Jing'an Kerry, and I am looking forward to finally have the opportunity to pull the grass!

There are a lot of Japanese-style elements everywhere, cherry blossoms, Japanese sake, and a young lady wearing a kimono. Then I walked in and went to the iconic square barbecue grill with a variety of seafood. Fresh ingredients such as vegetables, the bonfires in the middle of the group are burning and burning, and there is a feeling of coming to Hokkaido.

The end of the oven is always very focused on the freshness of the ingredients, good oven-baked restaurant, no matter what ingredients, grilled seafood, grilled vegetables, or barbecue, will be able to let the diners taste the most fascinating aspects of the ingredients themselves .
[The maker's seafood and vegetables] As the first appetizer, I have firmly grasped my stomach, drenched the large sashimi of the vinegar and juice, and opened the taste instantly, making me full of the next meal. look forward to.
[Fresh Little Dragon] I have only eaten Xiaoqinglong sashimi before, but here I have a small blue dragon of about 300g, you can get 3 different ways to eat, sashimi, charcoal grilled, egg yolk grilled, grilled The taste is even better, the cheese above will not be too greasy, but the perfect combination with the meat.
[Sashimi platter] full of weight, salmon, stingray are thick cut, a big mouth to eat very cool; peony shrimp are all stripped, even the shrimp head are taken separately to make a dish, you can Choose fried or soup, shrimp yellow is very delicious; Dalian sea urchin is very large, wrapped in seaweed, taste more layered.
[Grilled Crabs] is known as the live snow crab after the crab. The store has peeled the crab feet, especially intimate, and it is easy to pick out a fresh white flower from the crab legs. Crab meat, even if you don't expect it, you can feel the sweetness of the seafood in the mouth for a long time.
[Australian M9 upper brain] The upper part of the brain is even and thin, and the thin cut is also baked more evenly. The entrance can feel ample juice, the maturity is just right, very tender, with a sweet taste. The end of the hou q still continues to heat, to ensure that you can always eat the most delicious temperature.
[Alaska Jinjiyupu Yeyehao] The aroma of Puye has been integrated into the fish. The following miso sauce is also very delicious. The salty taste is very good. I just want to bring some sauce to go home. .
[Japanese-style Hiroshima raw glutinous rice] is relatively light in itself. I like to mix it with the taste and sauce. The rice is very distinct. The fat oysters are very elastic and chew very Q~
sakeAs a person who doesnt drink much, I try to have a surprise! The three wines are tasted in sequence, "12, 3 points, 2 points, 3 cuts, 9 points, 3 points, pure rice, big brewing 45". The first one has a light floral fragrance, and the girls will like it. I personally love the third one. The taste is more spicy and the entrance is smooth.
[ ] Made with a sacred sake, a very special ice cream, don't look at the small amount, but every bite is worth savoring.

(N3-14, Jing'an Kerry Center North District, 1515 Nanjing West Road)
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Jinjiagang seafood food stalls are a very good seafood food stall, which is very popular among diners. It is recognized by locals and is a good place for tourists to taste Xiamen's authentic seafood dishes. I heard that I recently launched a new dish, and I and my friends immediately agreed to go to dinner.

Jinjiagang is located in the alley of Zhongshan Road near the north side of the ferry location. The intersection is 30 meters away and the location is very good. The restaurant is spacious and bright, white and neat, elegant and generous, with a hall in the lobby, and a good dining environment.

I ordered a few new dishes and I will serve soon!

Ludao Sigongge, four kinds of seafood cold dishes, the plate is very beautiful, the taste is even more amazing, fresh and fresh, cool and delicious, appetite is wide open.

Icing sand worm, the shape is too beautiful, the fairy is lingering, the sandworm is cut into segments, and the celery is stuffed in the middle. It tastes delicate and delicious with crispy fragrance and icing on the cake.

Baba juice black tofu, tofu fragrant incense, abalone juice thick and viscous, delicious, even tofu with soup to eat light is still unfinished. Fan steamed winter crab, crab meat is full and delicate, tender and delicious, fans under the pad absorb the delicious juice, don't miss it.

Spicy Shrimp, the shrimp is full and tight, and it is made with crispy clams. It is spicy and delicious, suitable for diners with heavy taste.

Pepper and salted shrimp mushroom, the shrimp mushroom is fresh and plump, the quality is good, the salty and delicious is delicious, and it is easy to put it down.

Mango beef, beef and mango are cut into pieces, the beef is tender and tender, the mango is sweet and sweet, and the entrance is endless.

Casserole squid, yellow fish cut into sections, full of pots, full of weight, fish fillets with golden light, fish white as jade, tastes very delicate, tastes delicious with garlic, finishing touches The food is still clean and unfinished.

Matsutake stewed taro meatball soup, taro and meat made into large balls, add pine mushroom soup, one person, one simmer, the meatballs are fragrant with soft and fragrant scent, the soup is clear and rich, with beautiful The unique aroma of pine mushrooms, even the meatballs with the soup is clean.

Hannan snack platter, fried fried spiced, fried crispy meat, fish gizzard, are all Minnan specialty snacks, authentic authentic, one can eat three kinds, very affordable. The iron plate is steamed, and the steamed bread is made into a square and then cooked on the iron plate. The scent is overflowing on the table. It is soft and soft to eat, and the hoe is very hot. Be careful when eating!

sesame crispy chicken, tender and tender meat, delicious and fragrant, the scent of sesame is the finishing touch.

Original taste pig soup, rich in soil pork, real material, soup is clear and transparent, fragrant and mellow, hot drink a bowl, warm heart and warm stomach.

Seafood fried noodles, full of a large plate, rich seafood ingredients, evenly flavored, quickly divided by everyone.

Jinjiagang's ingredients are fresh and high-quality, authentic and authentic, affordable and close to the people. It is admirable after launching new dishes.
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Mew Nutrition nutrition snail chicken

autumn and winter cool, it is a good time to nourish, want to warm heart and warm stomach food, you can try this high Cost-effective snail chicken. The delicious essence of the real thing, drink a thick soup and feel the mouth full of sweetness, drive away the dryness of this early autumn, and taste good and fresh!

[Environment] As soon as I walked to the door of the store, I saw a lot of fresh abalone fish in the glass jar. The store has two floors, which are quite spacious, especially on the second floor. There are also boxes for multi-party gatherings. The walls are decorated with interesting copywriting, and even the stairs are aisle and don't forget to decorate with neon lights.

There is nothing in the room, every table is steaming white smoke, so that this cool autumn is warmer.
BaolujiThe little pot of the milk, the color of the soup of the Emperors color is visually attractive. The four big abalones are still moving. This food is quite fresh. And the chicken is also full and very solid. Cover and cook for 6-8 minutes to enjoy! I found that the soup was filled with a food ingredient package, and there was a sweet ginger flavor. When I took a bowl of nutritious soup, the savory taste of Bao Yuhua snail chicken was completely integrated, and I couldnt control the two bowls. Bao Yu and Hua Luo meat are very tight, chewy and Q-bomb, big mouth is very enjoyable; chicken is easy to absorb the soup, bite down enough water, cook for a while and become crispy and delicious. With a good soup base, you can't make any mistakes!
[Deep sea gelatin]
There are all kinds of gelatin that girls love to eat. I want to replenish collagen to eat it. Its good, beauty and beauty, not how to do it. The gelatin crystal here is full of color, and finally you can enjoy it once! Put it into the snail chicken soup and cook it for a while and then start it immediately. Good soup + good ingredients, double nutrition. The entrance is very smooth, and you can eat the delicious food without a pen. If you have a big appetite, you can't wait for another ~
[Baoyu foie gras truffle rice]
this claypot trait His family must pay for it. As soon as the lid is opened, the scent is drilled straight into the nose. The savory flavor of the abalone foie gras is mixed with the natural aroma of the truffle, and a lot of sausage is placed. The color of the soy sauce looks like it. The clerk will be very intimate to help stir, the younger brother to eat the hot rice musk, the individual is clear, the softness is just right, the ingredients are all in the casserole, and every mouth can not help but sigh really delicious!

[Service] The clerk service is meticulously in place, helping to shell, bibimbap, and patiently cooperating with me to take pictures, from entering to leaving, all make people feel comfortable and cordial.
[suitable for the crowd] There are 4 friends gathering in the store, there are also couples dating, the box can accommodate many people, and the family in autumn and winter to enjoy the food tonic is very good ~
[price ratio] and Colleagues and three people come together for dinner, so that after a nutritious meal, the average person can eat 110 yuan per person, the price is very good.
[Transportation] Subway Line 10 Longbai Xincun Station Exit 5 is 5 minutes away, and many food stores around it are quite lively.
[Store name] ZhenjiafangCrayfishBaoluji
AddressThe bottom floor of No.210 Hongsong Road and Room 202, No.17, Lane 618, Hongjing Road
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