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From the ancient times to the present, the northeastern region has lived in moderate ethnic minorities, with Mongolian, Manchu, Korean, Oroqen, and Ewenki as the majority. You can see the customs and habits of these ethnic minorities when you walk into the Changchun Folk Museum. The first floor of the Changchun Folk Museum, in the Manchu exhibition area, completely sees the miniature Manchu people's life landscape. The Manchu winter heating mainly depends on the mantle, so there will be high smoke cabinets next to each house. Burn the firewood before going to sleep at night, and the hot air is looking for the underground tunnel to the smoke cabinet. The floor is heated and the heating fills the room. Have to admire the wisdom of the Northeasters in ancient times, the method of local conditions to ensure that every winter night has the most comfortable temperature. Before I visited the Changchun Folk Museum, I always thought that there was no difference between the Oroqen and the Ewenki. The origins of these two peoples were actually related in ancient times. In the migration of the times, they gradually emerged. Different lifestyles, different cultural practices. The museum is not only a collection of tens of thousands of exhibits, but also a sculpture in the exhibition area on the second floor. It is vivid and memorable. From the far side, it seems to have personally walked into the historical promenade. The history of the development of each nation, each nation has its charm, fifty-six clan and fifty-six families, each of which is worth learning and studying.
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