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쉐메,추천 트립 모먼트
When you talk about the beautiful towns of Turkey, you have to mention Alacati. This town is located on the Cesme Peninsula along the Aegean Sea, across the sea from Greece. During the Greek war, the refugees fled to this place to take refuge. When the fighting settled, the Greek refugees returned to their hometowns, leaving an indelible Greek temperament. The town is not big, it takes more than an hour to finish. Of course, if you want to stop and take pictures or sit down and have a coffee, it would be great to spend a day or two here. I stayed here for three days and almost walked through every corner. Although it didn't encounter good weather all the time, it was still amazing! The inhabitants here are born with artistic cells. Each house is beautifully decorated and not identical. It is similar to the Greek town. Only the flag on the windows and doors reminds you that it is Turkey. Photo point recommendation: The town is not big, every house in every lane is worth taking a shot. If you have time, you can go to the beach of Ilica on the outskirts of the town. The facilities are perfect and the sea view is super beautiful! Cesme Castle, 10 km from Alacati, is also worth a visit. Transportation: First take a bus or plane from Turkey to Izmir, then change to the shuttle bus to Cesme and get off in the middle. Restaurant recommendation: Alacati's diet is mainly Western food, and consumption is more expensive than other cities in the country. Recommend a restaurant on the main road - KOSE, this trip has been visited twice, the taste is very good, recommended chicken wings.
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