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One of the most explored cities in the world | Australia Canberra Explore the city do not miss - Australia National Academy of Fine Arts and Australian National Museum National Gallery here more than 160,000 Art works, the Chinese aunt who explained to me is a funny and elegant person duck~ I am impressed by the sculpture in Figure 3, the head is on the ground and the phone is still in the hand, explaining "social tools let us Life has disappeared unconsciously." There are five or five works, and the miniature crowd is very realistic. I asked the administrator to put a few McDonald's villains in such a serious work. The administrator said: Some people say that eating McDonald's will kill more people... Hey, Brother dei, are you serious? The National Museum is another charm. The venue itself is very design, and its great to take pictures outside. The exhibits here are very interesting, such as the Mutombo fossils, the Sydney Opera House section, various models, and two VR experiences per day. There are joint exhibitions from time to time. When I go, it is a special exhibition of DreamWorks Animation: from sketch to screen. You can see a lot of familiar movies, such as "Kung Fu Panda", from the sketch character to the whole movie to the screen, you can understand the birth of the entire animated film. When you leave, remember to go to the gift shop. There are various kinds of children's books, as well as local design handmade ornaments. Some of the products are handmade by the aborigines, and they are unique and partially earned. Money is returned directly to these aborigines. End the exhibition, you can have a cup of coffee in the restaurant of the art gallery and then enjoy the food and beauty and then leave~ Australian National Gallery Opening time: 10
작성일: 2019년 10월 8일
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