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其实,大家提到 剑桥 就会想到 剑桥大学 ,而忽略了剑桥这个小镇,这个以学院为辐射圈的小镇也是很美丽的。原本 牛津 的学者就是看到了剑桥的宁静安逸才选择这里建立大学。而今,游客的叨扰让这个小镇随时随地都是热闹的,喧嚣的。甚至连臭名昭著的某国内邪教组织也公然在剑桥国王学院门口摆摊示威。然而剑桥的学者们似乎并没有被这一切俗世的喧嚣所左右,依旧钻研着他们热爱的事业,著名的学者霍金就时常出现在剑桥,如果你足够幸运就会在霍金学院看到他。 走在 剑桥 的街道上,有一点似曾相识,可能跟同样是小城的 约克 有点像,却又完全不是同一番滋味。如果把约克比作你的卧室,那剑桥一定是你的书房。
작성일: 2018년 11월 29일
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The University of Cambridge is the city of Cambridge itself, passing through the lively open-air market next to King's College, and a variety of small shops are beginning to appear on the roadside. The most traditional industry in Cambridge is the sugar industry, so the candy store is a major feature here, and it is basically a hundred-year-old shop. Compared to the supermarket-like shelves in the city, the candy store here is more like a library, and the books of all tastes are higher than others. If you have a curious taste bud, this is probably a carnival, but if you are not lucky enough to eat an "fennel" taste, you may frown. In addition to the lively candy store, the most overcrowded at the time of check-in is a robe shop. Although you dont need to wear a robe during class in Cambridge, there are always formal occasions such as the dinner of the dean at the beginning of the school. . In addition to the robe, the store also sells a variety of equipment with various college emblems, such as cups, bags, socks, scarves, sweaters and so on. As far as I know, "Harry Potter" didn't take a scene in Cambridge, J.K. Rowling also has nothing to do with Cambridge, but what about Hogwarts? Recall that this kind of equipment is required for admission, the grand president welcomes the dinner, and the various struggles between colleges are not the Hogwarts? Even the weird tastes of the candy store are like the legendary "snake worm" in the diagonal alley. Maybe Cambridge has nothing to do with JK Rowling's creation, but as a writer who grew up in the UK, her life background and the images we read are actually the traditional British academic culture. Britain itself.
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In the most literary Cambridge, the most ground-breaking market in Cambridge Market , when it comes to Cambridge, the first thing people think of is the famous Cambridge University, and Xu Zhimos swinging sleeves "Without taking a cloud," "Don't take it again," at first I was impressed by Cambridge, one after another, and a green lawn. However, in such a place where academic and literary atmosphere is strong, there is also a very grounded market, Cambridge Market. location From London, about 90 minutes to reach Cambridge Town, through one college after another, in the center of the town Find a marketplace that is very grounded like a farmer's market, Cambridge Market. Environment has a history of hundreds of years, surrounded by various shops and university accommodation areas, in the west is the Church of St. Mary, followed by the Kings College Chapel Old school and the Senate. The bazaar is built in the open air of the square. One small booth is located in the middle of the square. The connection is close. It is said that it may be someone else to believe in the market. Shopping All kinds of snacks are essential for the market. Buns, dumplings, and even pancake fruits can be found here, but not very cost-effective, others National snacks can also be purchased. In addition, clothes, toys, and small crafts are also sold, and the variety is particularly rich, and there will be summer discounts. Personally feel that this market is more than shopping itself. It is also very interesting to come here to experience the life of the Cambridge town. If you have something of particular interest, you can buy some. around Walk over the Cambridge market, next to it, next to large modern businesses, large supermarkets and clothing brands, want to buy Things can also be replenished here. Some young people who sing will sing on the street and sing well. Since coming to Cambridge, in addition to the college, you may also want to experience the unique market life of this town. Of course, our summer is also the summer of Cambridge University, and Cambridge is also dominated by small town residents and tourists.
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