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Mushroom Jun's Australia Travel Australia, Queensland In the myriad of human explorations of the sky, hot air balloons are always the most romantic and original game I think. Get up at three in the morning and drive to the grassland of the "filled" hot air balloon in the middle of the night. Facing the fog, like walking into Monet's paintings. The hot air balloon can hold twenty people in the basket. Everyone stands side by side, like a small tribe, living together. The moment I ignited the hot air balloon, I had the illusion of taking off the "ultra-slow rocket". Unexpectedly, the hot air balloon has already carried us and the group gradually left the ground, and the voice on the ground gradually faded away. The ground car gradually became smaller: it was the size of the rhinoceros at first, then the size of the bulldog, then the size of the table tennis, the size of the cherries... finally became a point, not even a point Now, I saw only the green grass covered with a layer of golden yarn. When we were raised to 3,000 meters, we actually saw the skyline. The hot air balloon that meets orange and red wanders on the skyline, the fog gradually dissipates, and the volcanic lake in the distance also slowly appears in front of you. From the hot air balloon, the pilot took us to collect the big balloon. In the sky, the hot air balloon that looks like the size of the bean is laid on the ground and is actually dragged by the car, so sweating is inevitable. But this kind of sweat, in exchange for a raw lift experience, is really a very cost-effective thing.
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