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심포니 홀
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트립 모먼트

Every day, there is no meat and no food. I saw Amway on the ins, and I was deeply immersed in the beautiful picture of the bacon platter. Although North End is famous for its Italian restaurants and dessert shops, most of them are seafood pots and pastas. They prefer the traditional Italian cuisine of bacon platter and pizza

Chef's Choice Board
lunch There are four kinds of platter available, the store recommended this chef bacon platter, platter with two kinds of sauce, white has a light mustard flavor, although not like the mustard, but this is the more delicious, especially It is a large piece of bacon, and the taste of the two is well blended together. The slightly spicy taste makes the meat taste more rich and layered, and the red chili sauce is perfectly matched with the smoked sausage. The bread from their home also gave me a big surprise. I thought it was French bread. It would be very hard. I didn't expect the outer layer to be chewy. The bread inside was very soft, and the table was still hot. Every surface was hot. Apply a thin layer of butter.

The Salty Pig Pizza
is not resistant to this pizza pizza, and the pizza in their home is also made, the dough is handed into the oven, and the charcoal is baked. Pizza doesn't have a heavy greasy feel, but it also blends with the aroma of wood. The scent is completely concentrated into the cake, and the taste is chewy. The pizza is covered with a layer of sesame leaves, decorated with an omelette, and enjoys both the value and the taste. However, after eating it, the salty taste of bacon slowly poured out, which is also true taste.
Posted: 2019년 3월 26일
Their restaurant is also a chain of steakhouses. This is the old town hall in Boston, which is located at the beginning of the Freedom Trail. It is not big, so the distance between each table will be small and there will be a little crowdedness. Next to the old town hall is the cemetery of the King's Chapel. Their home is looking out from the window. This is the cemetery. I think that after the night falls, it is a little exciting to eat by the window.

pre-dinner bag / hc / French meal before the package, the skin is crispy, the inside is full of chewy, the density of the cotton can be circled, the cream of the squeezing style is also a highlight, the taste is smooth and smooth, thick coated On the first floor, suddenly the milk is lingering. However, the bread is harder, and it may be more convenient if the store can cut a few knives first.

salad original, not too much sauce to taste, true grazing series.

6oz Filet Steak
Fee Steak is taken from the oxen, the most tender part of the body. The muscles here are rarely moved, so the muscle fibers are fine, making the meat tender and juicy. The familiarity of the steak is recommended. Medium rare, the outer layer is crispy, the meat inside still retains the fresh taste, without too heavy seasoning, you can taste the original flavor of the meat, creamy and delicate taste.

crab cake
crab cake fried to golden crispy on the table, big spoon squat down and hand in the mouth, fresh and sweet crab meat can be eaten, the meat quality Q bomb is fresh, just on the table, still It is very tempting and it is tempting to taste crabs in such an elegant and relaxing way.

roast chicken breast / hc / a main dish with a higher value than the taste, chicken breast meat marinated in advance with sauce, but also more flavor.
Posted: 2019년 3월 22일
Their beer is a recent love of the heart, and the choice of alcohol is also very rich, from beer to cocktails, to meet all taste buds. The atmosphere is the bar-style bar, the transparent glass wall, it is very bright, unlike other bars, the dark tone, prefer this bright and light bar style. At the center of the bar is a number of TV screens. The various ball games are played at the same time. The seats are facing the dock. When you look out, you will have a clear blue sky and a pleasant mood.

beer has more than a dozen choices, so the clerk recommended a wave, Amway has two kinds of seasonal and blue moon, also received two small cups for us to taste, service five points Praise. I feel that the sense of seasonal will be better, the temperature is very low, and the taste is more refreshing.

Spicy Tonyrita
After a glass of beer, I didnt have a good time, so I added a cocktail and wanted a stronger taste. I ordered this, agave with lime juice and a slight taste. Sour, the taste is very summer.

Little Red Scooter
This taste is more like juice, the alcohol level should not be very high, the taste is not too much stimulation, cranberry, pomegranate and lemon juice are matched Together, the entrance is slightly sour, and then the various fruity notes slowly emerge.

Fried fish and chips
The outer layer is crispy, and the meat inside is also very tender. However, the French fries are pressed under the fried fish, and I feel that some of them are caught, which affects the taste. The salad is also good, it will make the taste more refreshing, and the white sauce is really delicious with the fried fish.
Posted: 2019년 3월 21일
Late night food by friends, Amway has an Italian restaurant in Boston's North End. There are only 20 seats in it, and you can't make an appointment in advance, so the queue is always indispensable. Their business hours are from 11 am to 10 pm, there are two stores in Boston, and the North End is the initial head office. Their home can only pay in cash. The open kitchen, the chef and the customer are in a space, while watching the chef cooking, the meal feels good.

before the meal
one seat, the store handed a pre-dinner bag, similar to the hard French meal bag, their family meal should be prepared in advance, on the table also It's not warm, it will be slightly reduced on the taste. It feels better if the store can provide butter with a pre-dinner bag.

/ / / snacks ordered the favorite fried squid, seafood is very fresh, squid meat quality Q bombs are strong, wrapped in a thin flour, fried, the thickness of the flour just Well, it won't take the lead, press the fresh squid, the meal is served with a lemon, and the lemon juice is drizzled onto the fried squid, which will reduce the greasy feeling and make it more refreshing.

Seafood pot
Seafood pot is a big one, three people ordered one, just right. The practice is also very consistent with the domestic appetite, rich garlic flavor, stir-fried, the sauce should also have added red wine, the wine and garlic are fully integrated into the meat of the seafood, full of flavor. At the same time, a special pasta was added, and there is no need to charge extra fees. The pasta should be eaten hot, evenly stirred, so that each noodle is fully in contact with the sauce and absorbed into the taste.
Posted: 2019년 3월 20일
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