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Their beer is a recent love of the heart, and the choice of alcohol is also very rich, from beer to cocktails, to meet all taste buds. The atmosphere is the bar-style bar, the transparent glass wall, it is very bright, unlike other bars, the dark tone, prefer this bright and light bar style. At the center of the bar is a number of TV screens. The various ball games are played at the same time. The seats are facing the dock. When you look out, you will have a clear blue sky and a pleasant mood. beer beer has more than a dozen choices, so the clerk recommended a wave, Amway has two kinds of seasonal and blue moon, also received two small cups for us to taste, service five points Praise. I feel that the sense of seasonal will be better, the temperature is very low, and the taste is more refreshing. Spicy Tonyrita After a glass of beer, I didnt have a good time, so I added a cocktail and wanted a stronger taste. I ordered this, agave with lime juice and a slight taste. Sour, the taste is very summer. Little Red Scooter This taste is more like juice, the alcohol level should not be very high, the taste is not too much stimulation, cranberry, pomegranate and lemon juice are matched Together, the entrance is slightly sour, and then the various fruity notes slowly emerge. Fried fish and chips The outer layer is crispy, and the meat inside is also very tender. However, the French fries are pressed under the fried fish, and I feel that some of them are caught, which affects the taste. The salad is also good, it will make the taste more refreshing, and the white sauce is really delicious with the fried fish.
작성일: 2019년 3월 21일
To say overseas shopping, outlets are definitely the first choice, good quality and low price, cost levers, which are not lacking in the country's favorite coach, nike and other brands. At the same time, outlets are located in a tax-free state, saving taxes and fees, and the price is naturally more attractive. Although outlets are a good place to shop, the traffic is relatively less friendly. There is no station nearby. In the past, it was either self-driving or uber. Boston, where Boston is located, does not recognize China's driver's license. It is not far from Boston, an hour's drive. There are a few days when the mall is open for business. You can view it with Google Maps. There are a lot of shops inside, staying here for a whole day, the time is still very tight. From sports to fashion, from cutlery to suitcases, from cosmetics to medicines, you can find them here. The discounts of coach, mk, guess, and ck don't feel like Vancouver's outlets are more powerful and the styles are older. The price of nike, skechers, and newbalance is a lot of power, nike folds, and there is a full amount of redeem activities, SKECHERS and NB second half price of the whole game, a pair of shoes folded down 40 knives and pairs. If you want to buy a box, Samsonite is definitely a good choice, more than half cheaper than domestic pricing. When you come to shop, you can use the UnionPay card to redeem a coupon. Most of the brands here can be enjoyed. Most of the coupons are full of brand reduction activities, and the service desk is in the restaurant. There is Chinese food in the restaurant, the taste is moderate, the whole is salty, and the person prefers the western food here, the taste will be better. Although there is a tax-free state here, the meal is still subject to tax.
작성일: 2017년 8월 29일
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