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리뷰 :

Bern, old city was built in the 12th century, assemble the essence of medieval European architecture, and is listed as a world cultural heritage. Here the original wooden buildings destroyed by medieval fire several times, then reconstruction of stone building construction. Walk among them, the historical site everywhere, showing the history of the style. The mystery of the ancient city of the middle ages from shun street justice to bend in the river over a bridge, you came to this piece of Bern''s oldest areas. Round the brightness of the streets, paved with stone streets connected to other arcade, red tile white walls'' old houses, each have allusions street color column fountain, clock tower in the 16th century and gothic cathedral was built in 1421, are ancient sweet patina, the mystery of the middle ages. Fountain on the streets of the old city has a lot of fountain, so Bern, also known as "water city".

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Klingende Sammlung

명소에서 거리: <100m


3.7/511건의 리뷰
명소에서 거리: <100m

Einstein House (Einsteinhaus)

4.4/571건의 리뷰
명사 고택
명소에서 거리: <100m


명소에서 거리: <100m

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Stay Kooook Bern Wankdorf

명소에서 거리: 2.55km

더 브리스톨 베른

4.6/528건의 리뷰
명소에서 거리: 536m

Hotel City am Bahnhof Bern

4/522건의 리뷰
명소에서 거리: 732m

호텔 사보이

4.8/556건의 리뷰
명소에서 거리: 573m

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