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추천 트립 모먼트
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Jungfrau, to appreciate the most beautiful European top, very intimate change, will not follow the itinerary, but let us enjoy the best scenery is the most important. Come to Switzerland to go to the most beautiful Jungfrau, let the trip into the good environment We will take the alpine cog train to Jungfrau, the whole tour guide will take us with the local Taiwan tour guide, no worries, we must know the Swiss consumption level is very High, if you are free to travel, the Jungfrau train ticket is 198 Swiss francs / person, if you have a 25% discount on the European Rail Pass, the price of the three people on the train will be around 5,000 RMB, but these are included in The Viking ticket is in the air. If you come, the cost is still very high, and you have to spend a lot of energy to make an online reservation, buy tickets, and go on your own. The Viking cruise ship will send us directly to the train station. The heart and effort are the king. Jungfrau Lower Railway (Berner Oberland-Bahn, referred to as BOB), blue-yellow Jungfrau Middle Railway (Wengernalpbahn, WAB), Green Yellow Jungfrau Upper Railway (Jungfraubahn, JB), red is made up of these three segments. The three railways belong to different private iron companies. The railway gauges are different and the trains cannot be operated directly. Therefore, two transfers are required on the way. Viking has given us the entire carriage, with the words VIKING on the carriage, no other visitors.
베른 ,추천 트립 모먼트
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