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트립 모먼트

베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
Scene: [On the night of Shangyuan, the battle of the Forbidden City!
"The Night of the Forbidden City on the Yuan", the night of the first night of the Forbidden City, which opened for the first time in the past, is really exciting for the people of the whole country, and fortunately personally experienced it.
You can watch the spectacular light array of the Wumen and the West Wings and Families before entering the stadium. After entering, you will first enter the dreamy and magnificent Taihe Temple light projection show. Then you will watch the turret and overlooking the city wall. During the night view of the entire Forbidden City, during the period, I also enjoyed the super-large version of the "Qingming Riverside Map", the "Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" projection scroll, passing through the "Changyin Pavilion" and enjoying a Beijing opera, and finally left from Shenwumen. A dreamlike night visit to the Forbidden City!
Technology Secret: Considering the protection of the old building, the site uses temporary equipment to illuminate some areas, and the night tour route is also unique, but the beautiful lighting and projection long scrolls (Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains and Qingming Shanghe Map ") Relying on the ancient architecture of the Forbidden City and the long-standing cultural heritage of China, it still deeply shocked every audience! If the lighting multimedia show can rely on the powerful IP carrier effect and influence, it is bound to increase the geometric progression! [Strong][Strong][Strong]
The building is basically illuminated by a combination of high-power moving head spotlights + high-brightness projection mounted on a temporary light stand or four surrounding walls. Temporary RBG staining light. The projection long volume is said to use a laser projection of 55,000 lumens to project multiple combinations. The poem text on the wall is a high-power floodlight + pattern film. Shooting equipment: Sony A7M2, late mobile phone: Snapseed
베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
From day to night, it seems like a time-changing transformation. The history of thousands of years has changed instantly. From ancient times to the present, from the old dynasty to the present, it is like a sleeping dragon that wakes up and lights up the entire Chang'an. So before you come to Xi'an, you must first understand his history, so that you will be worthwhile.
Hua Deng at the beginning, the night scene of Datang Furong Garden, before I came to know about the attractions of Datang, the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden is located on the southeast side of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, north of the original Furong Garden Site in the Tang Dynasty, modeled after the royal garden style of the Tang Dynasty. Rebuilt, the park has many antique buildings such as Ziyun Building, Ladies' House, Royal Banquet Palace, Xingyuan Garden, Fanglin Garden, Fengming Jiutian Theater, Tang City, etc., as if the Tang Dynasty revived.
Datang Furong Garden began to open Qujiang from the Tang Dynasty. At that time, it was called Yichunyuan. Later, because Emperor Wendi officially moved into the new capital, Qujiang was named Furong Garden. After the treatment of Zhenguan, Tang Xuanzong began a large-scale expansion, making this garden reach an unprecedented grand occasion.
Tip: Datang Furongyuan Station is divided into Ximen Station and Nanmen Station (including two in Ximen Station). Datang Furong Garden is now open to the North Gate (Chunming Gate), Ximen (Yuyuan Gate) and Tang City entrances and exits, of which the West Gate is the main entrance, generally from this door
베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
대당 불야성
Xi'an year, the most Chinese
last time to Xi'an or four years ago, did not think how special this place, until this year to catch up with the new year, the light show is such a grand event! The rich flavor of the year has come to the fore, and I have to admire the rapid development of Xi'an city.
The entire Big Wild Goose Pagoda block is decorated with lights, and it is connected to the city of Datang and never sleeps. The lights are shining all night, the beams are brightening the sky, and the lanterns with the meaning of the New Year blessings are exquisitely crafted and magnificent. "Fire trees and silver flowers, the stars and bridges are locked," this brightly-lit New Year's Festival coincides with the bright and beautiful moonlight. Under the light and shadow of the moonlight, Chang'an in the poems has already appeared. During the period, the lanterns are interspersed with large and small stages, and traditional art performances are held at fixed times. Here, you can enjoy the unique roar of the Qin Dynasty, the shadow play of Huazhou, the old Huayin and so on. Even invited many foreign friends to come to the show, adding a touch of exotic color.
The historic 13th Dynasty, the ancient capital of Xi'an, now exudes the most authentic taste of the birthplace of the Spring Festival. The red and hot atmosphere is rare in other cities. The annual lighting exhibition makes the Chinese and even the whole world I feel the taste of the Spring Festival and feel the real Chinese middle of the year to complete a journey of root-seeking! In the New Year, if you want to find a taste of the year, you have to come to Xi'an.
tips: Take a night scene or take a tripod, don't shake it into a flower, this time you don't have a tripod and regret it, the wide angle with the star filter or cpl is more powerful, the light processing will be better. .
베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
둥관제 역사거리(동관가 역사거리)
Night travel in Yangzhou, singing and dancing in the old bamboo best place
world three minutes moonlight night, two points rogue is Yangzhou, Yangzhou City's night accounted for two-thirds of the world's night, and to say Yangzhou City is suitable for enjoying the night view The night view of Wenchang Pavilion is the leader in Yangzhou's night. Wenchang Pavilion was built in the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty. It is the Kuixing Building of Yangzhou Government, hence the name Wenchang Pavilion. On the night of the festival, the lanterns on the pavilion are a good place for downtown Yangzhou. Wenchang Pavilion is an octagonal three-level brick and wood structure, similar to the Hall of Prayer for the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. On the ground floor of the pavilion, there are arches on all sides, which are connected to the street. The second and third floors of the pavilion, surrounded by virtual windows, and four floors, are close to the street and have a panoramic view.
Dongguan Street is the most representative historical old street in Yangzhou City. It is east to the ancient canal and west to National Day Road, with a total length of 1,122 meters. The listings on the street are prosperous, the businesses are well-established, the business is booming, and there are many famous brands both at home and abroad. Dongguan Street is especially like the old street in Taizhou. It is also a shop in the old buildings, but the shops here are more modern and more suitable for young people. Compared to the content of this street, the night here is much better. An ancient street that runs from east to west is the Dongguan Gate, and the famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is outside the city gate. Therefore, come to Dongguan Street and play with two attractions.
History is generous for Dongguan Street. The Ming and Qing Dynasties and the "fishbone" street system have not disappeared into the torrent of historical heritage, but have been preserved relatively well, so that they maintain and follow the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The traditional style of the period. The city gate is open to tourists, especially at night, overlooking this East Gate Street, the lights are dim, the light and shadow flow.
Shirley Zhu
베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
툰시 역사가로
Night tour of Tunxi, feel the taste of Huizhou Old Street
Tunxi Old Street is located in the center of Tunxi District, Huangshan City, 10 minutes drive from Huangshan Country Garden Phoenix Hotel, has been hundreds of years old, inlaid between green mountains and green waters Known as the mobile Qingming Shanghe Map, it is 832 meters long and 5~8 meters wide. It is the most complete pedestrian commercial street in China with Song, Ming and Qing dynasties.
As a century-old street, Tunxi Old Street retains the essence of Huizhou architecture. Black tiles and pure white walls reveal a quaint style. The old window sills exude old wood. The pavement of brick and wood structure, exquisite pavilions, beautifully carved patterns, every detail is so fine. When we were kneeling on the old street, walking on the stone road, admiring the quaint shops, the dazzling tourist souvenirs, and the ancient signboards and ancient foreheads with the charm of calligraphy, as if they were in the corridor of history, they felt its Ancient atmosphere.
Old Street is lined with shops, mostly double-storey brick and wood structure, all-in-one Huizhou style. More than 100 film and television works have been filmed in Lao Cai.
Walk the old street, in addition to appreciate the antique ancient buildings, eating is of course essential. There is also a snack street across the old road in the old street. The whole street is a century-old shop and an old brand. There are not only a variety of food, but also some specialty shops...
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