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트립 모먼트

베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
The street lights of Roppongi Hills are usually started in early November and are terminated after the annual New Year. The practice established here in 2004 has been 12 years old. During the streetlight show, from 5:00 to -11 every night, the street lights will change from blue to red when the hour and the half point.
From the Roppongi Hills of the Roppongi Hills, take the exit to the ground and walk for about 3 minutes. The viewing platform for street lights is located here.
A whole street, the trees on both sides are entangled with a gradual light bulb, the part of the trunk is dark blue, and the branches are light blue to white. Although there is no spectacle in the imagination, but there is a feeling of a snowy kingdom. The Tokyo Tower, which is exposed on the street, is covered with a thin veil today, and it seems to add a sense of dreaminess.
After a few minutes, the street lights turned dark; when the all-lighted lights were re-lighted again, the blue lines became red. Now the part of the trunk is whiteish pink and the branches are bright red. At first, I may feel a little surprised at first sight. After seeing more than two eyes, I feel that this color is more festive.
If you travel to Tokyo at a non-year-end New Year's time, then the Roppongi Hills are also worth a visit. The 52nd floor of Mori Building, the tallest building here, has a 360-degree glass wall landscape platform and can see all the landmarks of Tokyo. The most invincible place in Tokyo to see the night scene is definitely not here.
베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
빅토리아 하버
Hong Kong is indeed a very cosmopolitan city and a well-known tourist city. The streets are full of foreigners from all over the world, or in groups of three or five, or a couple.
For foreigners, the foreigners are more patient than us. The two couples on the map stood at the docks early, waiting for the sunset and the evening's "A Symphony of Lights" performance.
Hong Kong is a seaport city where ships on the sea are busy, either merchant ships or cargo ships, and there are also many tourists. There are also many different shapes and different ships entering and exiting.
The sun is gradually falling, and the lights on the opposite side are gradually lit up. The Hong Kong Ferris wheel in the middle of the ring is clearly visible. At this time, a lot of people gathered on the coastline. The foreign brother sat on the railing and chatted with his friends. From time to time, he looked back at the afterlife.
The sun is falling, and the sky is beginning to show a variety of colors, which is very shocking. Pink Hong Kong Find out.
The short half hour of the sunset, the sky is a change of a few minutes, the whole process reflects the opposite side of the light, and the heart is ups and downs, very enjoyable.
To see the scenery of Victoria Harbour, it is a great location on the opposite shore of Tsim Sha Tsui.
The night has arrived, the opposite side of the neon. The night view of Victoria Harbour is indeed very beautiful. The
8-point illusion of the Xiangjiang laser show, accompanied by music, is worth a look.
베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
sarah on the road
베이하이,추천 트립 모먼트
Baichuan Township - Fairytale Town
Shirakawa Township is located in Gifu Prefecture in central Japan. It is famous for its 110 Hey-made (thatched-shaped herringbone wooden roof) style house. Every room in the year of the Lantern Festival will continue to light, when the night falls, the entire town under the cover of snow is like the place where the elves live in fairy tales.
Here is the fairy tale of winter, the poem of summer, the clouds of autumn, the rain of spring. The commissary in the village, the dolls on the side of the road, the old cars under the house, the mountains in the distance, the people in front of you, everything is full of the fireworks smell of this world.
was established in 1995 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is also the original source of the series of works of Japan's "Hot, Cry and Cry".
Famous attractions:
1Hetian. The largest man-shaped wooden roof structure in the village.
2Mingshan Temple Township. The largest authentic Otani temple in the village.
3 Yucheng Mountain Observatory. It is closed at 3 pm and is not allowed to walk on foot. It is necessary to purchase a special observatory traffic.
4Field Museum. The 25 "combination-style" houses that were used in various places in Shirakawago were preserved and stored here.
Transportation: Chubu International Airport - Nagoya Station (by JR) - Takayama Station (JR) - Shirakawago (Chongfu Bus).
Opening time: all day.
: 23 hours.
: B&B is limited, the property is tight, it is recommended to stay in the mountains. The house for the Festival of Lights begins to accept appointments in early August and needs to communicate in Japanese. After the appointment, the Baichuan Township Tourism Association will organize the draw, and the results of the draw will be announced on September 10.
Lighting Festival: Different times each year. The date of 2020 is January 13, January 19, January 26, February 2, February 9, and February 16. The time is: 17
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