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사그라다 파밀리아 성당
2,061 리뷰
Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Spain
까사 밀라
1,306 리뷰
Passeig de Gracia, 92, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
까사 바트요
1,266 리뷰
역사적 건축물
Passeig de Gracia, 43, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
구엘 공원
1,209 리뷰
Carrer d'Olot, 5, 08024 Barcelona, Spain


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트립 모먼트

Posted: 2018년 12월 24일
Located in the narrow lane of Barcelona's Gothic Old Town, the 4Gats century-old store was designed by architect Puyy Kadafalk in 1895 and has been in business since 1897. It has been 117 years old. The restaurant specializes in class meals and is the fifth-ranked coffee shop in the world. It is home to numerous artists and intellectuals, where they hold exhibitions, literary seminars and concerts. Picasso, Dali, Miro and Gaud are frequent visitors. In 1990, 19-year-old Picasso held his first solo exhibition here. Picasso also made posters for four cats. Later, this poster became today. The cover of the restaurant menu. The entrance to the
4Gats is very design and has a Baroque dcor. When I walked into the restaurant, I felt that the artistic atmosphere was more intense. The walls were full of various styles of paintings and Moorish-style porcelain. The interior hall still hangs the replica paintings of Picasso's solo exhibition, and he created his early years with the Bonn district. The Picasso Museum echoes. The interiors and decor of the restaurant make it seem like you are back in the golden age of Barcelona. It is very contemporary and is the most cultural restaurant in Barcelona. Not only can you taste the food here, but you can also feel the profound cultural heritage.
Looking at the menu of pure Western language, the two of us are completely dumbfounded, and the waiter and grandfather will not speak English. Fortunately, I have studied it on the Internet in advance and pointed out that it is good to order food.
Posted: 2019년 1월 3일
The so-called Tapas is actually a pre-dinner snack. It is said that because the Spaniards love to drink too much, they usually come to some Tapas first. There is also a saying that because they are too playful and have no time to eat a meal, so snacks with wine is enough. Its origin is now more commonly recognized as originating in the Andalusian region of the 19th century. When the early bar owners were selling wine, in order to drive away the flies, they used a small dish or a lid to cover the cup. Later, it was changed to put a piece of bread, and then the wise man appeared. Since the bread is also put, it is better to put a piece of cheese, a piece of bacon or a few olives for the guests to drink. Finally, the bar will not be traced. "Hitchhiking sales" sold a lot of things. What is rare is that the alcoholic people buy it very much, which naturally inspired other bosses to follow suit, so this classic snack gradually became popular in the whole country. The original meaning of the word Tapa in Spanish is the "cover", which can be understood.
Tapas are generally divided into two types, cold food and hot food. The cold food section is often followed by a layer of cut lollipop with tomato juice or olive oil topped with various foods. Hot tapas are mostly fried or fried, such as fried squid, kebab, grilled shrimp and the like. There are many kinds, and it is said that there are hundreds of them, so the patients who are diagnosed with symptoms immediately see the menu dazzled, indicating that they want to eat. . . . Of course, Sangria is essential.
Posted: 2016년 3월 18일
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