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작성일: 2020년 1월 19일
The five famous Tibetan Buddhist temples near Baotou, Inner Mongolia, are named "The Four Famous Temples of Tibetan Buddhism in China" with the Potala Palace in Tibet, the Ta'er Monastery in Qinghai, and the Labrang Monastery in Gansu. Five calls for 60 yuan, Mongolian, Tibetan and other ethnic minorities can offer. There are two choices from the gate of the park to the five-day call. One is the battery car, and the other is to go by yourself. I did not hesitate to choose the latter. Actually, the road to the five-day call is very good, flat and not far. But there was a hill next to it, and the view to the top of the mountain was very good, so I went up the mountain. The hills are undulating all the way, and people are going up and down the road. Every hilltop has Mani piles and prayer flags, and the sun is colorful. Over the top of the mountain, I finally saw the five-day call. This temple group is not large, and it is small and restrained compared to the temples in Tibet and Qinghai. Quietly standing in an unknown valley. In the autumn, the temples in the sun exude a charming light. Five is the largest and largest temple called Su Guzhen. It is allowed to visit in the temple, but it is not allowed to take pictures. There is a house next to the Sugu Temple, called Rongken, which is a place for tea and lunch for the monks. There are four large pots built in. It is said that the largest pot can cook 1,500 pounds of beef. Five when there are a total of nine halls. But most of them are only open to the public when they have statutes. Each stand has not only a map but also a code. If you can't get in, you can watch the inside through the computer 3D landscape. Suddenly ran over a kitten, not afraid of people at all, but also went to the arms of people. At first glance, the monks in the temple are very good at it. Now I think the color of Tibetan architecture is very high. It is not the kind of red and green that is advertised, but the combination of dark brown, brick red and white. Occasionally, bright yellow, very beating. Especially on sunny days, people feel comfortable. When I arrived at the five-day call, I felt that I would return to Tibet in a moment, and the sun was as strong and pure as Tibet.
작성일: 2019년 10월 23일
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