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Shiguliao Scenic Resort

36건의 리뷰
역사 건축물
연중무휴 24시간 영업
추천 관광시간 :1-2시간
Chenglu Village, Yongkang City, Jinhua City지도
전화번호0579 8730 7612
리뷰 :

First I played Fangyan, thinking of Shigu Lao, I was misled. The road sign was written on the left. Then we walked from the left until we reached the foot of the mountain. Shigu Lao did not see anything. Later, I asked the driver of the following pick-up, saying that he had turned from the other side of the tower, but there we remembered that there was no road sign, so we had to go home with depression...

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Mengwaitan Resort

Mengwaitan Resort

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헝디엔 원명신원

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