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Orange Cliffs Overlook

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연중무휴 24시간 영업
Moab, UT 84532, United States지도
전화번호+1 928-608-6200
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Orange Cliffs Overlook 리뷰

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TripAdvisor(26건의 리뷰)TripAdvisor
26건의 리뷰
  • Dean_Amy-2004

    Pull off View

    Easy view of the area from the park drive pull off. The view is worth taking time to view while you’re in the area. Limited parking.

    작성일: 2022년9월28일
  • SeniorTravelerTF

    Check the weather before

    There was no view either day that I tried to see the cliffs. I was told it was dust carried by the wind that made it hazy, and I know that air pollution in our parks is a problem. Either way, or bot...

    작성일: 2022년5월15일
  • AlpinerHut

    Orange -- and Green (River)

    The cliffs viewed from Orange Cliffs Overlook are eye-catching -- and definitely orange in the proper light. Don't forget to look down, though, at the Green River, flowing toward its meeting with the ...

    작성일: 2021년11월10일
  • TravelingSoccerLoon

    Worth Stopping for Great Views

    Definitely worth a stop at this overlook which doesn't get as much love as some of the other observation points but the views are still amazing.

    작성일: 2021년3월6일
  • rickkarenl

    6 National Parks in 12 days. We had a blast! Beauty everywhere!

    Canyonlands was very impressive. Many places to view from and easy access trails. Many spectacular things to see. 4 of us went in mid October.

    작성일: 2019년12월4일
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