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Bujagali Falls

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near Jinja, Jinja, Uganda지도
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Bujagali Falls 리뷰

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32건의 리뷰
  • maxwellugandatour

    bujagali fall

    Cool view with fantastic breeze, holiday but also that you leave this great continent with a greater understanding of what makes Africa so special

    작성일: 2023년12월19일
  • Baaje C
    Baaje C

    The bathroom are not good everywhere human waste its a no for me.

    It's a nice place with good customer service a water slide going up to river Nile. They charge 20000shs for a slide and the dressing room at the slide is very dirty with human wastes. The toilets a...

    작성일: 2023년10월13일
  • Eqbal K
    Eqbal K

    A must, very relaxing two hours boat ride

    This is the real highlight of Jinja. I strongly recommend the boat trip. There is no falls due to construction of a dam. The boat area is private land and the entrance fees is UGS10,000 ($US2.50) per...

    작성일: 2022년9월6일
  • kathylensw

    Bujagali visit

    Bujagali is a power dam in Uganda. Its located along Kayunga road. Its the be bridge constructed to ease both transport and power supply.

    작성일: 2019년12월6일
  • FaizalP61

    Fascinating Boat Eco-tour

    Bujagali Falls used to be a very popular site to see raids and waterfalls on the Nile. Unfortunately a dam constructed down stream has raised the level of the water to cover the falls. However there...

    작성일: 2019년6월1일
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