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벨처스 마시 공원

Belchers Marsh Park
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6건의 리뷰
하이킹호수도시 공원
연중무휴 24시간 영업
Parkland Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 1X1, Canada지도
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벨처스 마시 공원 리뷰

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TripAdvisor(6건의 리뷰)TripAdvisor
6건의 리뷰
  • JDTravelhome

    Walking area

    Small area amongst a sea of apartment building. Enjoy a walk with your dog or just some fresh air and exercise.

    작성일: 2017년7월27일
  • R_Traveler3

    Nothing special - but great little path around the marsh for easy walking

    This may not be overly exciting - but this is a great little well groomed path around the Marsh - with plenty of ducks! Easy for walkers of all ages and a nice spot to take an evening stroll. Nice l...

    작성일: 2017년7월23일
  • robvann

    Great short loop walk in urban area.

    Discovered this urban wetlands park after living nearby for years. Good for kids and adults. Flat dry walking path. Has elevated viewing platform and fish ladder.

    작성일: 2017년4월14일
  • VKP1973

    Belchers marsh park

    A small trail about 5 km total. A small marshy lake and a view point. Claims a few fauna. We did not see much, it being still cold. Within city, almost..

    작성일: 2017년3월26일
  • Edwin F
    Edwin F

    Small local park

    A small park for walking in summer and ice skating etc. in winter. Located in Clayton Park it is easily accessible if you live in the area.

    작성일: 2015년11월9일
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