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Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area
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Yinxu Museum
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Taixing Grand Canyon Rafting
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One day, the most popular spot in Anyang, hh/ Anyang is the city of Yuli. This is the 7th year of Yin Wenwangs detention of Zhou Wenwang Jichang 3000 years ago. It is the written record in Chinese history. A national prison is also a holy place for the "Wen Wang to play Zhou Yi". There is a 7-meter-long Longshan culture, and there are also rich cultural and cultural relics. There are existing ruins such as Yanyifang, Yanyitai and Gudianji, as well as ancient inscriptions such as "" and "Wen Wangyi". Among them, Yan Yitai is the place where Jichang was imprisoned. There are eight gossips built in accordance with the Eight Diagrams. There are eight ambushes, Wolong and other eight battles. It is said that Zhuge Liangs battle array Figure, when you come to Bali, you can go into the battle, explore the mysterious gossip array, and appreciate the extraordinary wisdom of Zhuge Liang. Tickets are 50 yuan. When the Shangyu Wang was imprisoned by Xibo Jichang, Jichang did not ruin the seven years in custody, but instead turned the Fuxi gossip into 64 hangs, which is often said Playing "Book of Changes", so Yuli City became the birthplace of Zhouyi. Going inside is the gossip maze of Bali City, similar to Beijing's Yuanmingyuan, and also a major feature. everywhere reflects the spirit of gossip, even the pool into the door is made into the shape of gossip, including the color of the fish in the water are exquisite, red fish is yang, black fish is yin After visiting the city of Yuli, we drove to Anyang for lunch. The small partner found a famous bowl of anyang in Anyang, and buckled the special dishes of Henan. It was usually made by steaming first, then buckled onto the plate and buckled. The number of bowls is the most famous. The bowls are steamed and ribs, yellow pheasant, elbow, mustard, and kelp. Anyang This Tao Kee Bucket Bowl is located in the prosperous Wenfeng Middle Road. It is already an old name. I heard that local people will also solve the problem by three or five. The conclusion is that it is very, very delicious! ! After dinner, we are going to stroll in the old town of Anyang. The area around Wenfeng Road is the old town of Anyang. You can see many old yards and living conditions. It feels very comfortable to walk. of. Anyang The old city has a yellow mottled wall. It has a feeling of being a child. It runs around in all kinds of alleys, encounters lazy cats and a bit of a fierce big dog. The sun hits the wall and the color is more vivid.
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