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During the Three Kingdoms period, a well-known battle in history was called Zhuge Liang, "The Seven Miles of Meng," and in the Seventh and Seventh, the last battle was the most intense. Meng was invited to a heroic warrior in Ugo. The squadron was defeated by the army. After being defeated by Zhuge Liang's design fire attack, the remnants fled to the deep forest to survive. Later, with the passage of history, the Fujieda tribe slowly moved all the way, and the descendants moved to the Anshun area of Guizhou. Settled here. In this history, Meng Tzus invited Vineyards is the only one in China. The Vinegar tribes were intelligent and proficient in the manufacture of weapons. In the seventh war, the reason why they were able to win over the army was from the vines they wore. Made with mountain green vine, first soaked with oil, remove the sun after half a year, and re-soaked in the sun after drying, so more than ten times, the armor is caused. Wear it on the body, do not sink, the water is not wet, the sword can not enter. In the face of the attack of the Sui Army, it is easy to counterattack back. Into the tribe, there is a feeling of going back to history through time and space tunnels. The villagers are welcoming us with armed weapons and guns. The village is not big, but the path inside is curved and snake-shaped. The head of the cow can be seen everywhere in the village. The Vinegar tribe uses the cow as a totem. The head cow represents Geely and peace. The villagers will let us touch the bullhead to express our blessings.
작성일: 2018년 12월 30일
When reading the novel "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", I was deeply impressed by Zhuge Liangqiu Meng. When the seventh time was won, Meng was invited to the 30,000-year-old squadron of the Ugo State to help out. Because the vine armor had a vine armor, the sword and the arrow did not enter, and the squadron was defeated, but then the 30,000 vines were Zhuge Liang designed a fire to burn in a valley. In the Fujieda tribe in Guizhou's Gui'an New District, it was like returning to the Three Kingdoms period of 1700 years ago. The villagers dressed in the vines armed with weapons marching to welcome tourists, today became a tourist attraction. According to local scholars, the Buyi compatriots in Weizhai Village are descendants of the relics of the Uganda, and the remnants of the Vineyards fled into the mountains. After several generations of emigration, they finally settled in the present. The village is prosperous. The roads in the village are winding and winding. After a checkpoint, the head of the cow can be seen everywhere. For the Vineyard tribe, the head of the cow represents auspiciousness and wealth, and has a beautiful meaning. Visitors will also touch the head of the cow to pray. According to the villagers, the village they live in is a Buyi village, and the vines were passed down by their ancestors. Many years ago, their ancestors assisted the leader of the Yi nationality to win the victory of Zhuge Liang, who was defeated by Zhuge Liang. The layout and houses of the village are different from the rest. The whole village is built in the forest. The houses are all wooden and made of thatched roofs. They look simple and simple.
작성일: 2018년 12월 22일
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