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Anhui Anqing is a low-key town, but it is still very glorious in history. The word "An" in Anhui Province comes from Anqing. Before Hefei became the provincial capital of Anhui Province, Anqing had been a provincial capital for more than 100 years. There are many celebrities in the old town of this small town. Zhao Puchu's former residence, also known as Shitai Shidi, is located in Tiantai Street, Anqing Old Town. The former vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Zhao Puchu was born here. Zhao family is a famous family in Anqing. There is another plaque hanging in the old house, called "four generations of Hanlin." Because Zhao Wenzhao, Zhao Wei, Zhao Jiyuan, and Zhao Zengzhong were four generations of Hanlin in the Zhao clan, they were also called "Shi Taishi Di". Zhao Jiazu was born in Taihu County, Anqing City. Zhao Wei built Zhaofu in the old Tiantai of Anqing City in 1864, which is today's Shi Taishi. The late Qing Dynasty Li Hongzhang's successor is Zhao Wei's second daughter Zhao Xiaolian, so Zhao Jia and Li Hongzhang are still in-law relationship, Mr. Zhao Puchu is also a descendant of Anqing Zhao family, and Li Hongzhang is also considered a relative. The room is filled with quaint daily necessities, just like passing back a hundred years ago, the exquisite carved wooden bed was only available to the big family at that time. There are still many daily necessities that Zhao Puchu used in the room, such as the suitcases used when I went to Suzhou Soochow University to study.
작성일: 2018년 12월 19일
작성일: 2018년 12월 19일
Here is the place where the "Valley of the Valley" Huang Tingjian reads There is the "first painter of the Song Dynasty" Li Gonglin painted the yellow valley sitting stone cow image Where there is Wang Anshibing candlelight night tour on the stone to forget the return in Changda On the stone walls on both sides of the valley of more than 1,500 meters, the famous literati stone carvings that have been preserved since the Tang Dynasty are nearly 300 squares. They are dazzling and beautiful, and they are in the corridors of calligraphy and art. They seem to reproduce the ancient literati. Forget, sing and, the title of the stone. If Tianzhu Mountain is a majestic majestic, majestic and spectacular, every step of climbing can appreciate the wonders and uniqueness of Qisong and Rocks, then the mountain gully at the foot of the mountain is indeed one. A quiet and beautiful beauty. Tianzhu Mountain mainly uses granite as the rock mass. The rainy season is coming. After the heavy rain, the fissure water in the surface of the rock body gathers and flows smoothly in the clear water in the mountain valley, and the valley is located in the west of the valley temple. Flow Spring is the most memorable. and "Shi Niu Gu Cave" and "Valley Flow Spring" are two scenes in the "Ten Yang Ten Views", but the "Shi Ni Gu Gu Dong" is currently not open to the public. But from these stone carvings, you can find the traces of the "stone cow ancient cave". Dongpo's dream is that the famous writer Li Dongpo of the Song Dynasty came to Shuzhou to visit his old friends during his stay in Huangzhou. He left poetry in the Tianzhu Valley and Lingxianguan respectively. In the dazzling stone carvings, the most striking thing is the famous writings of the Northern Song Dynasty writer Wang Anshi and the literary giant Huang Tingjian. This place is forgotten, that is, Wang Anshi was in charge of Shucheng when he was sentenced to Shuzhou. When he took office, he came to the valley to flow springs. On the night of the night, he watched the spring for a long time and revisited the next day. I wrote the famous poem "There is a deep and deep, but I don't want to go back to the stone to forget." It is a perfect place to describe the Valley Springs Park with an art gallery. From ancient times to the present, from the literati to the modern artists, you can appreciate the ancient works of the ancient great writers, and then enter the Tang Hongquan ink landscape exhibition. See how modern calligraphers interpret "culture and art." For thousands of years, this "margin" word is the crowning touch. The literati has a fateous Tianzhu Mountain, and the Sanzu Temple is attached to the stone cave. Now we are fortunate enough to come to Tianzhu. The mountain, walking into the cultural treasure house of the valley flow spring, and admiring the stone cliffs that have been passed down through the ages, is not a fortunate.
작성일: 2019년 5월 10일
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