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Recommend everyone a great hanbok photo shoot! Anton River back to the village, a second to cross 600 years ago in South Korea, perhaps here is the best place for girls to take pictures of hanbok! World Cultural Heritage An Donghe Hui Village, a paradise in South Korea, surrounded by the Lodong River on three sides of the village, turned back in S shape, hence the name River Back Village. The slowly flowing Luodong River, the elegant Furong Terrace, the vast soft white sand beach, and the elegant Hanwu architecture make it seem like a second to cross back to Korea 600 years ago. The two aristocrats of the Joseon era chose this place of feng shui, and lived in gloom. There are different scenery all year round, even if it is not so sunny, people feel very comfortable walking around, the whole person has become quiet, here is especially suitable for girls to shoot, still suffering If you are looking for a hanbok, you can look over it! Hehui Village still carries the boat-like rope-fire game that the literati likes and the river-backed witch-faced masquerade drama that the monks like. The legendary youth used to suffer from plague and fire. The village restored peace, quietly made masks according to the instructions of the old man in the dream, let the villagers wear masks and dance to pray for lifelong shelter. The 14 vivid masks were finally passed down to the end, each of which was quite interesting. So far you can look at the river back village. Go to them. There is also a mask museum outside the village, where you can learn about masks from around the world and recommend museum control not to miss it.
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