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도미인 우에노 오카치마치
4.4/5134생생 리뷰
방은 작지만 깨끗하고 깔끔합니다. 이 가게의 특징은 위치와 온천, 21시 30분 이후에는 라면이 무료로 제공된다는 점입니다. 엘리베이터가 1개뿐이고 작아서 큰 문제는 없습니다. 주변은 우에노역, 오카치마치, 지하철과 매우 가깝습니다. 1분 거리에 매우 번화한 음식 거리가 있습니다. 3박 연속 묵으면서 온천에 몸을 담그고 피로를 풀고, 매일 밤 자기 전에 아이스크림을 먹었는데 정말 즐거웠습니다.
호시노야 도쿄
4.7/579생생 리뷰
I have to say I was excited and looked forward to my stay. At the end. I don’t think it was worth it. And it was because of what Hoshinoya Tokyo is, it is a ryokan, not a hotel, and it is a Japanese chain. It was not imbued with the spirit of providing utmost comfort and pampering to its guest. It is more focused on the onsen, the Japanese culture, and the provision of daily meals. 

It is not where you should stay to hear a lot of Yes. No concierge service, so they won’t help you get a reservation because they provide meals in the ryokan (which hotel doesn’t?). No early check in or courtesy late check out. If you want to check out late, it’s 9,000 JPY per hour - even when it doesn’t cost the hotel anything. No currency exchange service. If you want to order meals, you have to place the order the day before. No bathrobe provided, and when asked, first they said they didn’t have them, then they provided but warned me I should only wear them inside the room (I don’t remember a time in my life when I wore bathrobe walking around any hotel), and that since the quantity was limited, they would not change the bathrobe during my stay - it all sounded like a conversation I would have with my school principal, one that was not so friendly.

The fancy picture of the centerpiece which flooded Instagram was one place on the hallway, first floor, where we took off our shoes before entering the hotel. Reception is on the second floor, and the interior was a mixed in style, I don’t know how to call it. It was dated and furnished with uncomfortable sofas and chairs. We and other guests were not allowed to checked in until 3 pm (regardless whether a room was available) so we could see several parties, some with small children hanging out on those sofas like at a train station. Not all of us can time our flight to arrive at the hotel at exactly 3 pm, so it was a tiresome wait during which we were provided with one cup of tea per person the whole time. After that long wait, the welcome ritual with snacks at the lounge on our floor became quite pointless. We already did not feel welcomed. Service at Hoshinoya Tokyo was also not great and definitely not 5 star. As a guest pointed out, it’s difficult to get to the entrance via taxi. The basement entrance was dark. Room cleaning was not reliable - we left the room for 3 hours in the morning, came back at 1 pm and the room was not cleaned. But if you stayed in (which well, what you are supposed to do at a ryokan), they wouldn’t go in to clean or even asked if you wanted the room to be cleaned. On such a day, I asked if I could get new towels when we left for dinner, the staff said yes, but nothing happened when we came back and no follow up call to let us know why. There’s no view from our room (executive room at the corner). The hotel is surrounded by other taller buildings. When we opened the window screen, we could see people from the other building office and they could see us. It’s all grayish. 

 Staying at a ry
온센 료칸 유엔 벳타이 도쿄 다이타
4.5/541생생 리뷰
My husband and I LOVED our stay at Yuen Bettai Daita. The ryokan experience is always special, and this one especially so. The rooms are thoughtfully appointed and calming, complete with comfy yukata; the onsen is divine; the breakfast and other foods (including a nighttime pudding on offer) are wonderfully yummy. We also enjoyed being just a little bit out of the major tourist areas of Tokyo--you're just 15 minutes from Shinjuku, for instance--and also able to stroll to some hip spots. You won't find better service or value in Tokyo! Enjoy!
수퍼 호텔 프리미어 긴자
4.6/5229생생 리뷰
일단 위치가 정말 좋았어요! 히가시긴자 역 바로 앞에 있고 나리타공항에서 이동하는데 엄청 편했어요. 근처에 편의점도 많고 침대도 편했어요. 여성전용 3층 온천, 2층 남성 온천이 있는데 자아아악은 목욕탕 같지만 사람 없는 시간대에 가면 편하게 쉬다 오는 느낌이라 좋습니다. 각 층마다 정수기가 있는데 얼음도 나오는 거여서 좋았네요! 방에 충전기 있어서 최고였어요!!
캡슐 호텔 안신 오야도 오기쿠보
4.3/521생생 리뷰
캡슐 호텔 호텔은 오사카에서 잘 이용하고 있습니다 만, 이번에는 처음으로 도쿄에서 이용하게했습니다. 간사이에 비해 요금 설정은 조금 비싼 느낌이 있었지만, 방도 약간 간사이에 비해 넓고, 무료 알코올과 청량 음료, 커피, 백미, 카레, 수프 등, 충실하고 매우 만족했습니다. 또한 역 근처에 매우 편리합니다. 체크 아웃 후 15 시간까지 라운지를 사용할 수있어 매우 도움이되었습니다. 또한 도쿄에 갈 때 사용하고 싶습니다.
니폰 세이넨칸 호텔
4.4/548생생 리뷰
매우 좋은 호텔입니다. 기회가 된다면 다시 묵고 싶습니다. 프론트 데스크에서 보이는 전망이 매우 좋고, 옆에 메이지진구 야구장이 보입니다. 제가 머물렀던 며칠 동안 우연히 야구 경기가 있었습니다. 규칙은 이해하지 못했지만 분위기는 꽤 좋았습니다. 호텔 1층에 로손이 있는데 박스에 담긴 사과주스를 자주 사서 마시는데 사과주스가 인기가 많아요. 호텔에는 대형 대중목욕탕이 있어 일찍 가거나 늦게 가도 사람이 붐비지 않아 매우 편안합니다. 특히 버블풀을 좋아해서 몸이 지치는 것 같아요.

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도쿄의 날씨는 우리나라와 크게 다르지 않지만 여행 기간 중 비가 오거나 기온이 급작스럽게 떨어질 것에 대비해 우산이나 겉 옷을 가져가시는 것을 추천해드립니다. 또한 지진이 발생할 수 있으니 여행을 떠나시기 전에 꼭 체크하시는 것이 좋습니다.