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호텔 마르코 폴로
3.6/532생생 리뷰
호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했습니다. 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했고 호텔은 매우 친절했습니다.
NH 컬렉션 안도라 팔로메
4.4/538생생 리뷰
Cannot thank Gonzalo and Micaela enough to for their hospitality during our week skiing in Andorra. We stayed at the hotel with half board and ate there every night - we have stayed in Arinsal before and after the first night, preferred to stay to eat at the hotel. I did not give advance notice of my dietary requirements as I thought dinner would be a buffet rather than a menu. They weren’t phased at all and went out of their way to make sure they knew what I could and couldn’t eat. Thank you to the chef too for making sure I still had a choice each evening with something different. Gonzalos wine recommendation were also on point - he knows his stuff! Thank you very much for making our ski trip even better than what we expected
아바 살레트 스위트 호텔
4.1/562생생 리뷰
우리는 7 박 동안 머물렀고 ABBA 호텔 시우츠 가족은 4 명, 성인 2 명, 어린이 2 명 5 세 및 3 세입니다. 우리는 반 보드를 가지고 있었고 절대적으로 좋아했습니다. 아침 식사를위한 좋은 옵션과 저녁 식사를위한 2 개의 레스토랑이 있습니다. 이탈리아와 메뉴 레스토랑. 이탈리아에는 다른 파스타와 파카시아가 있습니다. 매일밤 메뉴식당은 성인별로 메뉴도 다르고 아이들에게도 좋은 음식 선택이 가능해집니다. 이탈리아어와 다른 5박 메뉴식당을 두번 시도했습니다. 호텔은 또한 cabel까지 무료 셔틀을 제공하며 스키 무료 보관소를 갖추고있어 매우 편리했습니다. 추가 비용은 있지만 16 일 밖에 걸리지 않습니다. 그래서 우리는 오후 2 시부 터 오후 6 시까 지 아이들과 함께 올 수있는 또 다른 Princess Hotel Spa를 발견했습니다. 5-6pm 좋은 옵션입니다. 호텔 직원은 예외적입니다! 그들은 항상 친절하고 매우 친절하며 ABBA 가족의 일원으로 느끼게했습니다! 우리는 우리의 체류를 좋아했고 내년 2 월 반기 동안 다시 오기를 기다릴 수 없습니다. Aida 매니저와 Santos part of service staff에게 큰 소리로 외쳐라! ABBA hotel siuts xx 감사합니다
호텔 라 부르나 파노라믹
3.9/514생생 리뷰
매년 훌륭하고 모든 것이 완벽하고 친숙합니다. 우리는 집과 같은 것을 좋아하고 항상 이 호텔에서 환영합니다. 깨끗하고 깨끗한 객실. 또한 시계를 가져 가지 않고 안도라 라 벨라까지 오르락내리락하는 좋은 것을 즐깁니다.
우수아이아 마운틴 호텔
4.3/523생생 리뷰
The Ushuaia hotel was extremely comfortable, spotlessly clean with a great selection of really good food from the buffet which was different each night. The only minor irritation with the hotel was the bar staff who, all though were fantastic, the service was very slow at busy times. Free ski lockers were provided in the hotel & it was only 1 minute to the lift. I would highly recommend the hotel but a have a few warnings if you are skiing with beginners: If you are booking this is a ”ski in” hotel, beginners will struggle to get down the Blue run to the hotel. I have skied for 30 years & would say that it was a difficult blue & you would have to come down on the chair. I have seen many comments saying Arinsal is a great place for beginners. I totally disagree. There is only one nursery slope, & I appreciate that it was half term, but it was heaving. Beginners we spoke to were bored as the queue wasn't worth 15 seconds of skiing before re-joining the long queue. There is a Green marked on the piste map but even a ski guide said it's really a blue. Pal next door has much better beginner facilities. However, as a beginner to get to the nursery slopes in Pal, you would need to travel on the bus, but only for about 8 minutes. There is a cable car from the top of Arinsal across to Pal, but you would need to ski down Blue's to get to the nursery slopes. Getting back to Arinsal, by the Free Bus or the L5 service, on the day we tried, as my wife is not a confident skier, included an hour wait at the bus stop in Pal as information on times is sketchy at best. Both services do take you back to the Ushuaia though. Intermediate skiers would find the amount of ski school trains in your way annoying. Yes everyone has to learn but, there are simply too many instructors & some classes were 14 strong so you are picking your way around them. I must mention the cleanliness of all facilities on the mountain as they were brilliant. Lunchtime eating was priced reasonably as well in both Arinsal & Pal. Would I go back to the Ushuaia, definitely Would I go back to ski in Arinsal, maybe Would I go back to ski in Pal, yes
호텔 매직 라 마사나
4.1/547생생 리뷰
We had a lovely stay here for our skiing holiday. The rooms were comfortable and clean. Perfect for what we needed. There are no coffee/tea making facilities but I knew that before we went and took my travel kettle. There are a few supermarkets in the town with one very close by on the way to the gondola. Fairly reasonable prices and very friendly staff. There is a locker room in the hotel car park which is free to use. Keys are given out by reception (10 euro charge if it gets lost). The gondola to the resort is within walking distance. We found it difficult/hard work to carry ski equipment and walk in ski boots to the gondola and then up the stairs to the entrance so we went in trainers (not much snow during our stay) and then put these in our rucksacks when we got to the top. The bar is good with sport playing on the tvs. There is a pool table, table football and darts. We took some games and played them most evenings before dinner. Apparently the beer was very reasonably priced too! The restaurant for breakfast and dinner is buffet style with chefs available to make omelettes in the mornings and also cooking meat to order in the evenings. The lady greeting us for each meal was amazing. She was so friendly and smiley. Her name was Ayelen. She got to know where our favourite table was and what room numbers we were in. A great asset to the hotel. The food was delicious, The chicken curry mid week of our stay was the best! Our whole party had it with some going back for seconds. We had a couple of fussy eaters but there was always chips, plain pasta, bread and salad for each meal so all were catered for. The evening service didn't start until 7.30 which was a little later than we would have chosen but not really a problem. We had a small problem with a safe but it was resolved within 30 minutes. We had an early morning check out (before breakfast) so was given a breakfast bag when we left in the morning which was a nice touch. All in all a great stay, with no complaints. I would certainly recommend this hotel for a stay in La Massana.

FAQ (자주하는질문)

  • 라마사나에서 조식 포함 시설을 갖춘 인기 호텔은 어디인가요?

    NH 컬렉션 안도라 팔로메 , Rutllan & Spa호텔 아뇨스파크 마운틴 & 웰니스 리조트 등이 출장객과 휴가 여행객 모두가 선호하는 호텔입니다.

  • 라마사나에서 조식 포함 시설을 갖춘 호텔의 평균 요금은 얼마인가요?

    라마사나에서 조식 포함 시설을 갖춘 호텔의 평균 주중 평균 요금은 201,731원이며, 주말(금요일~토요일) 평균 요금은 209,377원입니다.

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    트립닷컴은 일년 내내 회원을 위한 다양한 프로모션과 할인을 제공합니다. 프로모션 페이지에서 다양한 트립닷컴 특가 상품을 살펴보세요.

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호텔 수14개
리뷰 수329개
요금 (높은 순)1,744,863원
요금 (낮은 순)24,444원
평균 요금(주중)201,731원
평균 요금(주말)209,377원

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