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오션 센터 호텔
3.8/5118생생 리뷰
This hotel is the best value in Geraldton. Its located right on the ocean foreshore and very reasonably priced. Upon arriving we were greeted by the fantastic staff who were very quick to assist. I had a balcony room which was very comfortable. We had a car but as the was limited parking we parked on the street. No problems. A lovely touch was a free drink voucher in their bar. Whilst talking about drinks, this hotel has the cheapest mini bar prices I've ever seen. I was gob smacked to see Coronas and other beers for $6 each and cheap chocolate snacks in the room mini bar. We had breakfast here the next morning and apart from being decent serves, it was very tasty, as was the coffee. A great stay, but shame I wasn't staying longer.
네수토 제럴턴
4.2/566생생 리뷰
Well located within walking distance to the beach and into the town centre. The apartments are well secured, requiring you to have an access key to access the property and to park your car. The grounds are beautifully kept with plenty of BBQ’s and seating area’s, nice big pool and hot tub. The apartments are well maintained, clean and functional. We had the studio, which had a king size bed, kitchenette with microwave, kettle, toaster, cutlery & crockery, small fridge, sink and ample storage. Small dining table & two chairs. The studio had two comfortable seats, coffee table, television – however the seats were positioned a metre in front of the television set – I am not used to sitting so close in front of a television, so I found that a little odd. The room had a nook with bench space and a seat so it a nice space to type or write with good lighting. There was plenty of wardrobe space with loads of draws and hanging space and I like that it also had a small safe to lock away your valuables. The bathroom was large & spacious and very clean. Large shower with good water pressure and lovely toiletries which are Australian made. Nice fluffy towels and there was a washing machine/drier for you to use. Iron & ironing board. I loved everything about the Nesuto except I wish the windows had some net curtains for privacy. When you opened the curtains, the people walking on the street could look right into your room and see what you had and what you were doing, so it lacked a bit of privacy, but overall, it was a well appointed & clean apartment with everything that you would need for a comfortable stay. Thank you to Denise who checked us in, who was an absolute delight.
이비스 스타일스 제럴드턴
3.6/544생생 리뷰
We are Accor Plus Diamond members and stay at a lot of 4-5 star hotels with Accor on the east coast and the welcome and service that we received from Caitlin is the best we have ever had from Accor, we felt valued and all the lovely and thoughtful touches she did to make our stay more comfortable. Ibis Style Geraldton and Accor is very lucky to have such an amazing team member like Caitlin and with the great guest interaction she provides, I am sure she will do very well in the industry! Thanks again for a lovely stay!
하스피탈리티 제럴턴, 슈어스테이 컬렉션 바이 베스트 웨스턴
4/5115생생 리뷰
Clean room. But it was on the 2nd level and we had to carry our luggages up the staircase as there was no lift. Luckily there were plenty of parking space and we could park our vehicle near the staircase.
블레어 가든 캐러밴 파크
4.1/566생생 리뷰
Geraldton에 머물기에 좋은 곳, 캐러밴 장소는 좋은 크기와 밴 옆의 콘크리트 패드였습니다. 편의 시설은 깨끗했지만 잘 사용되었습니다. 공원 외부에서 시내 중심까지 가는 좋은 자전거 트랙이 있습니다. 사이트는 가까운 기차 선로로 인해 밤에 약간 시끄 럽습니다.

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    제럴턴에서 조식 포함 시설을 갖춘 호텔의 평균 주중 평균 요금은 207,079원이며, 주말(금요일~토요일) 평균 요금은 204,415원입니다.

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제럴턴 여행 기본 정보

호텔 수12개
리뷰 수510개
요금 (높은 순)463,908원
요금 (낮은 순)108,917원
평균 요금(주중)207,079원
평균 요금(주말)204,415원

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제럴턴 날씨 정보 - 월별 평균 기온

• 1월 ~ 3월: 낮에는 평균 28.38°C, 저녁에는 평균 21.75°C 입니다.

• 4월 ~ 6월: 낮에는 평균 21.28°C, 저녁에는 평균 15.78°C 입니다.

• 7월 ~ 9월: 낮에는 평균 17.67°C, 저녁에는 평균 12.0°C 입니다.

• 10월 ~ 12월: 낮에는 평균 23.62°C, 저녁에는 평균 16.98°C 입니다.

제럴턴 날씨 정보 - 월별 평균 강수량

• 1월 ~ 3월: 평균 11.57 인치

• 4월 ~ 6월: 평균 67.63 인치

• 7월 ~ 9월: 평균 64.2 인치

• 10월 ~ 12월: 평균 11.8 인치